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1) Excellent customer care for every order. We are available via phone and email during business hours and via email after hours. We monitor email on weekends and even holidays. Rest assured that your needs are always addressed as quickly as possible. See what our customers have to say!

2) Authorized Reseller. We have carefully selected our product offering so that you have unique product options with us which you will not find with any other retailer. We have carefully selected our product offering so that you have unique product options with us which you will not find with any other retailer. We are an authorized and trusted retailer for many outstanding brands such as Lelo, Fun Factory, Eroscillator, We-Vibe and more. You can rest assured that the products we stock are genuine and that all manufacturer warranties will be honored.

3) Great shipping options! All ground orders ship either for a Flat Rate or for Free! Lightweight orders ship for only $5.99 - 'cuz who wants to pay a boat load of shipping charges for just one lube? All other orders will ship for a flat rate of $8.99 and orders totaling $75 or more ship for Free! Of course if you need your goodies sooner rather than later, we do have expedited shipping options which will provide real time rate quotes from either UPS or USPS.

4) Prompt and discreet shipping of your order. We strive to turnaround each order as quickly as possible. Your order will ship in a plain box with no reference to its contents. Should any issues arise before your order ships, we will contact you right away.

5) Weekly discounts, flash sales and coupons for some of the most sought after products by top manufacturers. Sign up for our newsletter - stay on top of all the happenings!

6) Privacy and security.

         ●   Our site is secure transaction enabled and utilizes SSL encryption.

         ●   We will never share your information with a third party.

         ●   We will never send you unsolicited communications or advertisements.

         ●   Billing will show as SV INC or SV INC ONLINE SALE 8887438423.

         ●   Your package will arrive in plain or standard issued UPS or USPS packaging.

7) The best customer review program in the industry! Earn cash toward future purchases by giving us your thoughtful opinion - good or bad! Learn more.

8) The most unique site on the net!! All of our artwork is original, our layout and navigation is pristine and we are constantly striving to improve Even if you don't buy a thing, cruising our site is a blast and the look is always fresh!

9) Great social networking options.. We believe in having fun! Check us out on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Vine, Instagram and Pinterest. We always "keep it clean" so you don't have to worry about graphic images or language. Hey, we get it; we all have a private life that we'd like to keep private.

10) SheVibe encourages you to Vibe Responsibly! We continue to strive to bring you the most detailed information about the products on our site. Sex is a healthy expression of life so make it fun and always play safe.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU again for all your help and courtesy with my issue. I am a business owner myself and deal with many companies, none of which have the excellent customer care you offer. I will highly recommend your site to others, and will definitely use your company again for such purchases. You truly put "care" into customer care. I am so impressed and appreciative of your level of courtesy. Thanks so much!


Thank you very much! I don't think I've ever been fortunate enough to receive such courteous and reliable customer service, especially on a Sunday morning! I will recommend you highly to all my friends, and in all my reviews. I only wish I had encountered your site sooner.


It's just arrived and thanks for your effort, I'm very impressed with your customer support! Cheerss


Thank you so very much for everything and in such a timely manner. I will be happy to use your services again in the future based on the customer service I've experienced! Keep up the good work!


You guys are awesome. Thanks for such fast service. Have gotten a few things from you in the past and will be back - glad we found you.


I am very impressed, thank you. It is a breath of fresh air to do buisness with someone that is anxious to make a sale and a rare treat to have someone that is prompt and as helpful on such a crazy situation. I will use Shevibe for all my future needs and tell my friends. Thanks again for your help. Appreciate your help.


Thank you Sandra, so much for the speedy service. I am very impressed with your customer service and I will be sure to remain a loyal customer. Have a great day!


Just want to say that I appreciate your speedy service, commitment to health & safety, discretion, and senses of humor! Thanks again!


Dear Sandra, Thanks so much for helping me with this issue! I really appreciate the great job you are doing with customer care!! Thanks again.


Thank you for being so kind. I look forward to doing more business with She-Vibe.


Sandra, you've been absolutely awesome! I've bought intimate items locally and from several different companies online. I've NEVER had the customer service like you've provided. I will definitely be a return customer!! :) Thank you so much for all for your help.


Thanks again, and this is why i love doing business with your company, you quickly answer all of my obsessive compulsive questioning.......and for that i will never shop anywhere else. kudos to your home page artist on his or hers great work!


Dear Customer Support, I received the replacement yesterday and it is working fine. I returned the defective one via UPS as instructed. Thank you so much for your friendly, efficient customer service. If anyone ever asks me for a recommendation (I doubt that will happen), I will tell them to buy from SheVibe.


From one business person to another, thank you again! I sincerely appreciate your generosity and consideration with this matter. I will pass on this information along with your site to my friends. Thank you!


Hello again. We just wanted to let you know the replacement showed up safe and sound. Thank you so much for your assistance with everything and because you have been so great we plan on doing our future business with you and your company. Thanks again.

 R & T

Excellent! Thanks so much for the prompt reply and the customer support. This is much better than I could have expected. Thank you again..


Thank you so much for your speedy response and solution to the issue. Have a great weekend.


Wow, thanks - that's very thoughtful of you! We were definitely getting annoyed by the return shipping delay, but that's entirely the fault of UPS and not something appropriate to contact you about. It looked like we'd just have to suck it up and wait. However, thanks to SheVibe's customer-focused awesomeness, you actively monitor the progress of such details instead of passively waiting for the return's arrival to start the next step in your return workflow. Every company has order problems from time to time, but it's how they handle them that matters. The best ones like SheVibe find ways to turn problems into opportunities to stand out against the competition. Congrats on the 5 years - we hope to see you around for many more!


...Thank YOU for the gift certificate and for... well, just for being the BEST. Please continue to KICK ASS. :-)


I just wanted to thank you for replacing the nipple clamps! You guys and girls are truly awesome. So awesome, that my wife and I have already introduced three of our friends (a girl and a couple) to your site!


I don't know if this e-mail will be read, but I wanted to let you know that your services are appreciated! First class all the way . . . we are (multiple) repeat customers.


Thank you! Your company is great and reliable!


Thank you!!! My Ellie Lean boot just arrived and are absolutely lovely. I appreciate all of your help with checking the height for me prior to my purchase. They come right to my knee and fit my short legs great.


Thank YOU for all you did! I appreciated the way you kept up on this!


Yes, I did recieve my shipment yesterday and I am very happy with how everything turned out. Thank you for working with me, and I will be happy to recommend your site to friends as well as be a returning customer.


Sandra, I just put the returned item in a ups drop box...again, thank you and I have already referred you to a few people who will be ordering from you. Please shoot me an email when you receive the package.  Again thank you for the outstanding customer service. - Best Regards,

 C. E.

Val, Thank you it was in order. I will be recommending your site to others. Mistakes happen... I judge a business based on how they address and solve problems..... You did a stellar job.... By the way I found your company when a local business that we have supported for years and have spent thousands of dollars with refused to replace an item we bought for $125 and it was defective tried to use one time and did not work......well, with that being said we were pleasantly surprised by your prices as we only buy Fun Factory, Tantus, Phallix and other high end products. Again thank you for handling the problem in a proper way you have earned our business and you will be getting many, many referrals from us. - Best Regards,

- C. E.

I really like your website and your customer service has no equal whatsoever. Keep up the good work and enjoy the success!

- V. C.

Thanks for the excellent communication!

- A. P

Thank you again for your quick response and clarification. I look forward to receiving my order.

- T. S.

Thanks you so much for helping me. I got a call from UPS right away and they are working on it...I now have the shoes and they are really nice. My girlfriend will love them (and so will I!).

- M. B.

Hello again, I received the item yesterday, thank you for your great service!

- M. B

I just wanted to thank you again for your great customer service. The product is in the mail, and we will definitely be ordering from you in the future! Thanks!

- D. H

Sandra, Thank you for your help, I appreciate it!  Have a great day.

- L. B.

Hey Folks, I just got confirmation of the order shipping today. I just wanted to say thanks for the quick response. Pat yourselves on the back. Thanks again,

- S. H.

Wow! What service! I am first impressed that you responded so promptly...and I will definitely be doing a lot more shopping with you!!! Excellent service! Thanks so much,

- P. J.

Dear Friends, Thanks for all the great service on our orders!

- A. K.

Thank you so much! Thank you for your quick reply, and for the great service.

- J. L.

I can't wait......Thanks so much!

- N. W.

A good provider with good prices is something I'm always looking for and was very happy to find your site.

- M. D.

Got it!! Thank you...You guys have been great...A-1 service. UPS was good also with the extra tracking help. Cheers!

- L. S.

Thank you so much for addressing the issue so quickly. I appreciate it. Have a good one,

- K. L.

You will notice a 2nd order from me. I was trying to purchase a few other items from a different site, but I have received NOTHING from them except the order confirmation (auto-generated) email. They have not yet applied the charge to my debit card. They have not replied to email queries. When calling this company, their voice mail is full.... Thanks very much. Your excellent customer service has resulted in (almost immediate) repeat business!

- S. I.

Hey, thank you so much for getting back to me that fast. Your customer service is awesome....Your help is greatly appreciated. Again- thank you for the prompt response.  Best,

-W. H.

Thank you for your great support.

- T. K.

Wow. Thanks for the quick response.

- K. F.

Thanks for the really great customer service.

- S. S.

Thank you very much for all your help and immediate response.

- L. C.

Thx very much. You have great customer service!

- J. B.

Dear Sirs: Just wanted to thank you for the fantastic pricing on my order. I had shopped for several days via the internet and was amazed at your pricing, not to mention how quickly the order arrived. Having grown up in my dad's sign company, I'm a guy who appreciates value AND quality service. Thanks for having both. Sincerely,

-S. A.

Thank you so much for your timely responses and helpfulness.

- P. H.

Hi Thank you for your prompt response and great attitude. It is much appreciated!

- V. A.


- L. M.

Thank you for your understanding and prompt service.

- M. B.

Thank you so much. With service like this I am sure I will order from you again!

- J. O.

Thanks. I appreciate that you are working late on a Sunday night during this busy holiday season.

- K. L.

Hello :-) I recently bought the VixSkin Outlaw from you and I am so happy with my shopping experience and with the product I received... Thank you VERY much and I hope that you will continue to carry the Vixen product line and perhaps more Vixen items :-) . I think you are providing a wonderful service for women and I want to see you to succeed!

- S. C.

Just want to say you guys have had the best customer service I've dealt with for a long time. All my experiences have been positive- I'll definitely make it a point to look here first for these purchases :-)

- P. L.

The 11th fits perfectly. Again, thank you so much for your kindness and tenacity. It really means a lot to get such a personal level of customer service. And Thanksgiving sounds great. Your place or mine? Haha.

- R. B.

Patience? You were super quick on this not to mention going above and beyond, so what did I need patience for? I wish more retailers were this good. Well, I wish for a lot of things, but among all of those things, good service is *probably* the only one that has a reasonable chance of ever coming true; or maybe the flying jetpack...Take care,

- B. C.

You have a very happy customer, and now I will be a referring and returning customer, thank you very much for the prompt and courteous reply, Customer service makes all the difference. Thanks again,

- R. D.

I can't complain about that! Thanks very much - my wife will certainly be pleased!

- B. P.

Happy to be a customer, Val - thanks for your great service!

- R. H.

Sandra, thanks for getting it "squared away." I will the let the rest of my guys know.

- D. T.

I really like your website by the way. It is very interesting in its composition and thought provoking writings. I look forward to my continued relationship with your operation as a customer. Thanks again for all of your help

- D. J.

Hi, I did get the second pair of shoes yesterday. I absolutely loved the red. Thanks again for everything.

- S. P.

Thank you for the explanation and for the quick, professional communication regarding my order. Best Regards,

- S. I.

Thank you very much for your help, I really appreciate it!

- V. C.

Hello again, I received the item yesterday, thank you for your great service!

- M. B.

Wow. I'm truly impressed by the quality of yawl's customer care. And thanks a bunch for the batteries. To be honest, this has been the best online ordering experience I've ever had. Keep up the great work and thanks again!

- R. P.