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Dear Friends,

We’re building a new website! We’ve have been busy building an entirely new, beautiful site that features increased functionality and multi-platform responsiveness so SheVibe will look great on your phone, tablet and desktop! No matter how you choose to shop, you’ll have access to all of the same great information that the full version of the site has always featured.

So what’s new?
  • Search via brand, features, size, power source, tags and more
  • More varied sales and incentives
  • More robust account and wish list capabilities
  • Expert reviews on-site
  • More informational and educational pieces via our on-site blog
  • We have removed gendered categories
  • We’ve matured and so has our artwork – we’ve removed some older images and enhanced the diversity in our artistic presentation
That being said, there will be some housekeeping that we’ll have to perform. In the hopes that we can make the transition as seamless as possible, here is what we are anticipating:
  • CUSTOMER REVIEW PROJECT: We have temporarily suspended the Customer Review Project. Please hang on to your reviews and submit them once the new site is live. The most significant thing we will be changing about the Review Project is the gift card numbers. We aren’t able to transfer your current number and can’t do this automatically. It will have to be done manually at the time you want to use your credit. We encourage you to go ahead and use your gift cards now with the current site to avoid any confusion or loss between transfers.

  • GIFT CERTIFICATES & MERCHANDISE CREDITS: All gift certificate and merchandise credit numbers will have to be changed over to the new system. We aren’t able to do this automatically, it will have to be done manually at the time you want to use your credit and may hold up the processing of your order for at least an additional 24 hours. We encourage you to use up any credits now with the current site to avoid confusion or loss between transfers.
To check your gift card or merchandise credit balance, go here.

Our anticipated launch is January 2017 - we’ll keep you updated. Thanks for hanging in there with us all these years!