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Tantus Ryder Plug

Now with a redesigned base for increased stability and comfort. The Ryder is designed to be gentle going in, and stay where you put it. The tip makes for an easy entrance, but it's the underside curve that really is the pleaser. Two colors.
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This pleasure item is made in the USA!
Tantus Ryder Plug  
The perfect stay-put plug. The Ryder is designed to be gentle going in, and stay where you put it. The tip makes for an easy entrance, but it's the underside curve that really is the pleaser. Only 1.5" at its largest diameter, this plug is a good beginner toy. The Ryder has a gradual curve from the body to the neck of the plug, which means it won't shock the sphincter muscles going in or coming out. Hypoallergenic, boilable, bleachable and dishwasher safe.

In buying a plug, you should look at the neck size if you want it to stay put; it needs to be long enough to be held by your band of muscles with a defined gradual slope so you can ease yourself onto it without shocking your muscles. A flanged base is necessary so it won't get lost; you have involuntary muscles that can suck a toy in. And, you want a narrow tip so the entry is easy.

Safe: Hypoallergenic, phthalate free, odorless, boilable, and bleachable. Great for those with sensitive skin.

Quality: Made from Ultra-Premium Platinum Silicone, the finest material found on the market.

Pleasurable: Anatomically targeted material won't cause irritations, rashes, or infections, providing long-lasting pleasure.
Measurements Materials Volume & Intensity Batteries
4.5" long, 1.5" wide silicone N/A N/A

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Tantus Ryder Plug Reviews

(13 Ratings, 5 Reviews) Average Rating:
Solid but not for everybody
TheNeapolitan (College Park, CA) 6/12/2015 12:29 PM
Product Rating: 3 Stars - I enjoyed it. A good value. | Texture and material construction: Silicon feels like the usual Tantus grade material. It's slick on the outside but not velvety as some products. So it doesn't feel as "nice" but less drag during use when compared to the Lelo silicone. | Review Details: Plug was nice to use but my partner and I found it to be a little too abrupt. For us the plug needs a little more of a point for easy entry and to be a little more gradual in size changes. If you're the type who like the sudden entry / "popping" sensation then this is your item! Size was perfect once we got it and we both loved it, getting it in for us, even with a long warm up, could be painful. So this isn't for beginners and know yourself and what you like! We ended up getting rid of this as we never used it, but well worth the money as something new to try and now we know what we like!
Simple but effective
Lilith (Atlanta, GA) 1/9/2015 12:00 PM
Product Rating: 4 Stars - Extremely effective! | Power Rating: Doesn't apply - I'm not reviewing a powered product. | Texture and material construction: Glossy silicone | Review Details: I firmly believe the Tantus Ryder plug should be in everyone's collection of butt plugs. The 1.5" diameter might seem a little daunting, but with some warm-up with a smaller toy, even those somewhat inexperienced will be able to enjoy this plug. The Ryder isn't about gimmicks or fanciness. All the Ryder wants to do is sit in your butt and give you a pleasantly filled sensation while removing all your worries that it could slip inside you. It accomplishes this wonderfully. The wide base keeps it safely outside of you, and is also comfortable to sit on during long-term wear. I like wearing it during vaginal penetration, the length compresses much of the vagina and presses your nerve endings more completely into your toy or partner. The first time I tried it, it was so intense and tight that the vaginal penetration almost felt like anal! It's also an excellent warm-up toy for anal, stretching you enough that your toy or partner can press into your ass a lot more easily. It's also great for masturbation, although you can't thrust a dildo with it in or it will slip in. Get this if: you want a simple, great-quality butt plug, and you have a little anal experience.
Really big
Genevieve (Herndon, VA) 7/25/2014 1:21 PM
Product Rating: 4 Stars - Extremely effective! | Power Rating: Doesn't apply - I'm not reviewing a powered product. | Texture and material construction: It's made of lovely Tantus silicone, which is firm but has some give to it. The surface is smooth, but has some drag and attracts lint. | Review Details: First of all, this plug is really big. Reading the dimensions didn't make me understand its true size. I recommend finding a picture or video review with it in someone's hand to compare. | Because of the size, I had some difficulty with insertion until I got some better lubricant--Sliquid works quite well. I don't think that any lube that runs down the toy as soon as you put it on would do the trick, though. | I enjoy the narrowness of the base; it nestles nicely between my cheeks. It fits much better than the Little Flirt, for example. Since the base is so narrow, I was curious whether the Ryder would still be able to stand upright for drying and such. No worries, though; it is well-engineered and stands without a problem. | Once it is in, it's comfortable. It is most pleasurable when I pull it out a tiny bit to allow the bottom swell of the bulb to widen my anus. (This is what makes the large size a good thing!) | One final note: I don't recommend taking this out while standing up. When I tried this, it came out way too fast and caused excruciating pain. I think removing it slowly is much, much better.
The Everyday Plug
fish (Anytown, USA) 10/8/2012 11:30 AM
Product Rating: 4 Stars - Extremely effective! | Texture and material construction: The material is high grade silicone, which is great given its affordable price. Silicone is non-porous and can be disinfected by boiling water or with a part bleach/water solution. Water-based lubricants are recommended for use with this, but I did once accidentally use an oil-based lubricant with this...and it did not damage it. This is a testament to its quality, as a poorer quality silicone toy would probably disintegrate upon contact with an oil/silicone based lubricant. For butt plugs in general, I wholly recommend using them with a condom, as it mitigates accidents described above, as well as making it easier to clean up. Moving on, the texture is smooth all around, and when lubed up, slides effortlessly into the rectum. It does get sticky when dried after cleaning, but this is a common attribute of silicone toys. A touch of cornstarch (DON'T use talcum powder, it is carcinogenic) will get it back to its smooth texture. The colour that I purchased was the purple, which is a deep, royal purple with a slight shine. Very pretty. | Review Details: This is recommended for someone who isn't a beginner in anal play, but are also not quite ready to handle the more monstrous plugs. The Ryder is 4.5" long and 1.5" wide, but with only 3.5" insertable length. The tip is not completely tapered unlike conventional plugs, meaning that when fully inserted, it has an even feeling of fullness throughout the length (save for the neck, obviously). Speaking of which, the plug is quite flexible and comfortable for everyday, long-wear, and moves with your bend. In my experience, this plug holds quite well (even without wearing underwear..!) and most importantly, has a well designed base that is comfy against the cheeks regardless of whether. Overall, I highly recommend this butt plug as a starting plug for long-term wearing.
Ryde On
Buttercup Green (North Charleston, SC) 4/2/2012 11:33 AM
Product Rating: 5 Stars - So good I can't wait to use it again! | Power Rating: Doesn't apply - I'm not reviewing a powered product. | Noise Rating: Doesn't apply - I'm not reviewing a product that makes noise. | Texture and material construction: Ryder is made out of 100% body safe silicone. Silicone is one of the safest materials out there. It is non-porous, hypo-allergenic, and latex/phthalates free. When it comes to silicone toys, water based lubricants are the best to use as silicone lubes can degrade the material. There is a lot of drag to the Ryder, but this is easily fixed with some lube. It is kind of sticky to the touch right after a cleaning. It picks up lint and pet hair like no other material. Ryder can be cleaned in numerous ways. Warm water and antibacterial soap, toy cleaner, toy wipe, boiling, bleaching, or the top rack of the dishwasher are all possibilities. I suggest storing it in a Ziploc bag or something of that kind to keep hair from getting all over it again. Even though the material is not porous, I highly suggest a condom to be put over the toy if sharing with a partner. | Review Details: For an intermediate plug, it definitely feels smaller than it looks. It has some give to it, especially in the neck and base. The tip is blunt, which can be hard to insert if the body is not properly lubed and warmed up. However, the round shaft of the plug gives the user a full and stretched feeling. The base is super flexible, and it sits in between the cheeks very well. It has never irritated me during long term wear. I love to wear this when I have to go grocery shopping or run errands. I also love to wear this while I am walking around the house naked. My husband goes nuts for this. On the side of the flat base is the word "Tantus", which is carved into the silicone. It can be felt with the fingers, but I cannot feel it during use. The neck is just long enough to help the user retain the Ryder, but it is also short enough to keep the user comfortable. The neck is very flexible, so it beds with you when you sit or run. I have never felt poked or uncomfortable when wearing Ryder. Ryder comes in the typical Tantus see through plastic packaging. There are some care and cleaning instructions on the side, and the box can be used for storage. However, the box is kind of flimsy, and it doesn't last too long. Ryder measures 4 1/4" in total length, but only 3 3/4" of that is insertable. It has a diameter of 1 1/2", which is perfect for the intermediate user.

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