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Tantus Juice Plug

The Tantus Juice has the same shape as Neo, but with added texture along the sides. A great plug for extended wear, made of the Tantus proprietary unique blend of ultra-premium silicone. The base is designed to be comfortable, and to curve with the body.
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Tantus Pleasure Toys
Juice Plug By Tantus
The Tantus Juice has the same shape as Neo, but with added texture along the sides. A great plug for extended wear, made of the Tantus proprietary unique blend of ultra-premium silicone. The base is designed to be comfortable, and to curve with the body.

All Tantus Toys are made from Tantus' own unique blend of Ultra-Premium Silicone. The superior quality of Tantus silicone makes all Tantus Toys hypoallergenic, non-toxic, phthalate free, heavy metal free, odorless, boilable, bleachable and even dishwasher safe. These factors combined make Tantus Toys the safest and most pleasurable toys on the market. A toy from Tantus is meant to be used and with minimal care Tantus Toys can last a lifetime.
GOOD - Tantus values the sexual health of our customers over profit. When you contact us, you’ll deal with a real human being who is committed to your satisfaction.

CLEAN - The superior quality of Tantus silicone makes our toys hypoallergenic, non-toxic, free of phthalates and heavy metals, odorless, bleachable, boilable and even dishwasher safe.

FUN - Tantus toys are designed to be anatomically appropriate for human bodies to encourage the best sex ever! We celebrate sexuality and encourage consenting adults to explore their erotic side.
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Guest Blogger - Kira of Kira's Kink
Featured Review of the Tantus Neo, Juice, and Twist anal plugs
Design, Neo - Neo is the most basic of the three plugs. It has no texture, just a smooth surface. It begins with a small point, making insertion a breeze. It gradually gets larger as you go down, with the largest part happening right below the center. It then comes back inward and then out again into the base.

Design, Juice - Juice is the middle of the road design between Neo and Twist. It's named because it looks like a juicer. It's shaped exactly the same as Neo, but with indents around it. The indents go in pretty deep. It also begins with a slim tip and then widens.

I've mentioned a thousand times that I'm no good with textures, but the Juice looked non-intimidating even to texture sensitive me. I found that the texture wasn't too intense. You can feel it when you insert it, but once it's in you don't notice it. The sensation on insertion wasn't painful for me, which is saying something. However, if you're big on textures this probably won't be satisfying.

Design, Twist - Twist is the most texture heavy of the three. It looks like a corkscrew. It's inserted like you'd think something with this design would be. You have to sort of screw it in. You can insert it without the screwing motion. When you do this the texture is much more evident. It's also more difficult to do this way.

The texture on Twist was way too much for me to handle. I found inserting and wearing this to be uncomfortable. Unlike Juice, the texture is still apparent after insertion. You can feel each of the twists even if you don't move around.

Comparing - The three are similar in size and material, but there are definite differences. The big difference is the texture on each. They go from nothing to very intense. What's great about this is that you can pick according to what you like. Neo is probably best for someone just starting out with plugs looking to get a moderate size. Juice is a good option if you're unsure about using textures anally or prefer light textures. Twist will be best for those that like lots of texture or unique designs.

Plugs in Use - My favorite is Neo, followed shortly by Juice. They're pretty similar since the texture on Juice is light. If you're deciding between them, just know you really don't need both of them.
Guest Blogger - Kara Sutra of Kara Sutra Reviews
Featured Review of the Tantus Neo, Juice, & Twist Butt Plugs
After my recent success with the Tantus Meteorite I figured it was time I pushed the boundaries even further. So, ready to embark on a challenge far greater than the last, I pulled the Tantus Juice, Twist and Neo out of their packaging and laid them before me. As I contemplated exactly what it was I was about to do, three words chanted like a mantra in my head: Git. ‘Er. Done.

Under normal circumstances I wouldn't dream of doing something like this; three plugs, larger than most I've tried, all in one sitting. But considering they're made by Tantus, and were sent to me by one of my absolute favorite retailers, SheVibe, I decided it was worth pushing past my comfort zone for. You'd think I'd have learned after the Tantus T-Rex. Nope. I'm clearly a glutton for punishment.

The Good - Before I break down my experiences, here's all the good stuff they have in common:

Unlike the wide top of the the Tantus Ryder, the tips of Juice and Neo are gently pointed, making the initial insertion far easier and much more comfortable. Twist on the other hand is more of a gently rounded corkscrew.

They aren't as flexible as the Meteorite. Sounds like a con, I know. However it is not. The firmness was what made them doable. Being bendy isn't always a good thing.

The base is probably the best I've ever found on an anal toy. It's not rectangular or round, but instead an interesting anchor shape that fit in my butt crack nicely. For the most part I hardly felt it. On a couple instances I actually stopped to check and see if it was still there. More of this please.

They're totally body safe. We're talking hypoallergenic, hygienic, non-toxic, phthalate and latex free, odorless, tasteless, bleachable, boilable and for the most part virtually non-porous. If you want quality, you want Tantus.
Even though they're thick, there's still a fair bit of squish and give. Cushioning makes my ass happy.

Unlike other silicones the texture is satiny smooth, supple, and matte, limiting the amount of drag on the skin.

The bulbous shaft is tapered, gently graduating in girth from around 3.25" inches to 4.25" inches in the middle, back down to around 4" inches, and finally settling in at just under 2" inches for the bottom quarter. In my experience, that last portion was what kept them in place and made them comfortable. Without it they probably would have been too overwhelming to use for a decent period of time.

Each of the plugs measures 4" inches in length, that's a 1/2" inch shorter than the Meteorite, but 1/4" inch longer than the Little Flirt. Let's just say it's a happy medium.

They don't attract lint like other, glossier, silicones. If you follow my reviews, you'll know this matters to me.

This last bit is of no significant importance but I'm including it because I can; the colors are true colors. As in, the purple is really purple, not some pink-trying-be-purple-but-not-really-purple-cause-there's-too-much-pink like you'll find with other companies. I appreciate this. There's a lot more...

Tantus Juice Plug Reviews

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