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MOKA G-Vibe by PicoBong - Cerise

MOKA G-Vibe by PicoBong

Moka G-Vibe - A tried and true shape, Moka's dynamic curve offers thrilling external stimulation, while its flattened tip delivers powerful vibrations directly to the G-spot. Have you got an itch that only PicoBong can scratch? We've got your back.

(14 Ratings, 6 Reviews) Average Rating:
Good feeling vibrator with one fatal flaw....
Anna (Kansas City, MO) 1/26/2017 1:39 AM
Upon Epiphora's recommendations, I bought this vibrator and gave it a spin. I don't know if it's my anatomy, but maybe my g spot is further back than it is for other women. But I am ON THE BRINK of a really good orgasm, when all of a sudden, I contract my PC muscles and the thing shuts off. The controls: are on the shaft. I literally contracted around the "lower intensity/off" button, and then proceeded to throw things in rage when it kept doing this to me. I also which it had more of a handle to wrangle it with, or at least for a partner to wrangle it with. I will note, the silicone used is very high quality silicone, very smooth and velvety, so at least there's that going for it. But yeah, women with deeper G spots, take note, this toy is probably not the one for you. At least until Picobong wakes up and makes the changes necessary in newer designs so they don't do this kind of thing to people to people like me.
Mediocre at best... Too expensive
Neopolitain (Anytown, GA) 7/8/2015 11:11 AM
Product Rating: 2 Stars - It's okay. Gets the job done. | Power Rating: Effective - Just enough to get me there. | Noise Rating: Noisy - Emits an obvious buzz. | Texture and material construction: Texture on product is velvety silicon. Handle and battery area feels like cheap plastic. | Review Details: I purchased this for my wife after reading some good reviews. The first thing I was not a fan of is that this is not rechargeable. Not a deal killer for some but you'll need to keep a good supply of batteries around if you use this regularly. We greatly prefer rechargeable for money and convenience reasons. I recognize this isn't a big deal to some. We weren't expecting LELO levels of fit and finish but overall this thing feels cheaply made and does not feel like it will last. We found the power of the item to be just average as well as the noise level. During use my wife found the shape of the toy uncomfortable and it didn't seem to effectively stimulate her g-spot the way other toys do. I guess this would be personal preference as she prefers dildo's with larger bulbous heads to hit her spot instead of this "hooked" style. Overall I would pass on this. Mostly I deducted the points based on the price. If this were a $30 toy I'd say "well its 30 bucks, it's not great but it's not bad". However at full retail this thing is $59.00 which is pretty laughable to me considering all of the other great toys that SheVibe offers in that price range. Skip this or save up for the LELO version.
Wonderful G-Spot Massage
Avocado (Jacksonville, FL) 7/23/2014 12:49 PM
Product Rating: 4 Stars - Extremely effective! | Power Rating: Strong - Got me there without a problem. | Noise Rating: Quiet - Buzzes discreetly. | Texture and material construction: The Moka is solid plastic inside, with a layer of smooth, matte silicone on top. It isn't as draggy as many other silicone toys. Two AA batteries go in the shaft, and a plastic cap locks in place like the cap on a bottle of pills. It comes with a charm that you can hang off the end of the toy. | Review Details: Wow! This is one of the few sex toys that I can't help but moan out loud while using. The sensation is different from most other ones I've tried, and the vibration is perfect for internal use. It's gentle, but very rumbly. Some other internal vibrators make me itch, but this one never does. As far as I'm concerned, it's useless as a clitoral vibrator. It's just not strong enough for that. For G spotting, though, the vibration strength is perfect. This isn't a toy that I thrust with, due to the severe curve and abrupt corners of the flat tip. Instead, I use the flat part to apply pressure to my G spot, which feels amazing. I also love the versatility of the vibration functions! You can adjust the strength on any of the many patterns--something we don't see a lot. Also, you can hold down the plus and minus buttons to quickly ramp up or decrease the strength. Picobong is owned by Lelo, practically a household name in luxury toys, and it shows. The silky smooth silicone, highly adjustable controls, and pleasurably curved shape come together to create a solid, affordable sex toy that is sure to become a fast favorite of many different users.
Good G-Spotter
ShadowLexi (Chicago, IL) 7/17/2014 12:55 PM
Product Rating: 4 Stars - Extremely effective! | Power Rating: Strong - Got me there without a problem. | Noise Rating: Quiet - Buzzes discreetly. | Texture and material construction: Smooth Silicone. | Review Details: This is a really good G-Spotter. I have tried it on my clit but I like much more focused stimulation there. But inside it was really good. It hangs on to my pubic bone and I almost don't have to hold it which is a bonus (I only have two hands!). The patterns are pretty standard. The vibration intensity is a surprise considering it runs on batteries. The battery life is good as well. Insertion and removal of batteries is pretty easy and straight forward. Never had a problem with the battery compartment. | However, I do have two gripes with this. The first is that the buttons are horribly placed. They are on the side and while they are close to the bottom they almost always wind up inside. I don't know if it is anatomy (maybe my g-spot is just really high up?) or if they need to lengthen the toy. Sometimes it is hard to adjust midway unless I take it out. | The second is the silicone. It is really smooth. Almost too smooth. I wish it had just a bit more texture to it. | That being said, this is one of the best vibes and you can't beat it for the price!
Eh, this is alright
M. Elizabeth (Denton, TX) 7/3/2014 12:10 PM
Product Rating: 3 Stars - I enjoyed it. A good value. | Power Rating: Effective - Just enough to get me there. | Noise Rating: Quiet - Buzzes discreetly. | Texture and material construction: Smooth silicone. | Review Details: This hasn’t been my favorite toy ever. I wouldn’t repurchase if it died, and if I could go back to my previous vibrator I would. I guess the only way to describe it is it feels kind of buzzy and I like more of a deep thumping clitoral stimulation. Still fast, but just more intense. I think if it had maybe another level up it would be perfect, because I do like the way the end is rounded on my clit. | As for g-spot stimulation it seems to hang up on my pubic bone and be hard to insert. This might just be my body and have nothing to do with the poor toy, but as g-spot stimulation this does not work for me. | The battery cover pops off easily making me wonder if I’d really want to test its water resistance. Other than that, putting the batteries in is pretty straight forward. | It’s quiet, but not the quietest toy I’ve ever owned. | Bottom line: I’ve gotten better toys at a cheaper price. I'll settle for this for now since it at least gets the job done.
Lucy (Phoenix, AZ) 6/4/2012 2:54 PM
I wasn't sure about the new Pico Bong line, the first set of products seemed to get some hit or miss reviews but Moka is nice, like my Lelo Gigi but longer (which is better for me. Good vibraton strength, sturdy structure. So far, so good!