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Sliquid Naturals H2O

Sliquid H2O

Sliquid Naturals H2O is a water based personal lubricant, and Sliquid's Original formula. Formulated to emulate your body's own natural lubrication, Naturals H2O uses plant cellulose as a thickening agent, instead of glycerin or other sugar derivatives.

(32 Ratings, 14 Reviews) Average Rating:
Natural Feel and Long lasting
Briana W. (Huntington Station, NY) 12/25/2015 11:36 PM
After running out of my Sliquid Sea I decided to give this a try and I'm glad I did. Considering I use a lot of lubricant when I'm using toys this had a very nice natural feel to it. Its slippery to the touch with just the right amount of thickness. Because it is a water based lube depending on what your doing you might need to reapply especially if anything silicone is involved but again this is still a very long-lasting product that coats well. Its great for oral sex seeing as its tasteless and don't worry if it gets on your sheets! It won't leave a terrible stain thats difficult to remove because its a natural water based product. As someone who has sensitive skin Id recommend this product because I have experienced zero hives and irritation form any of the products from the Sliquid brand.
Sliquid H2O
My Favorite Obsession (CA) 7/30/2015 12:04 PM
Product Rating: 4 Stars - Extremely effective! | Texture and material construction: Made from vegan ingredients. This lube is water-based, pH neutral and free of glycerin and parabens. | Review Details: After hearing so many good things about Sliquid lubes, I eventually took the plunge and got the H2O. When I examined it between my fingers, it felt slick, smooth, plush and durable, very unlike the lubes I’d used before that were runny, thin or jelly-like. I had high hopes for this lubricant, and it definitely lives up to them in use. When I apply it to my toys, it stays on quite well, and makes vaginal insertion and thrusting much smoother and more comfortable. It also lasts a lot longer than my old lubes. I used to have to stop to reapply when I used them, but I’ve never had to do that with Sliquid H2O. The little bit it takes to create enough lubrication lasts for the entirety of my masturbation sessions. It also mixes really well with natural fluids, so I eventually forget that I’m using extra lubrication. Because Sliquid lubes are glycerin and paraben free, I’ve never had a bad reaction to this lube or gotten an infection from it. As for cleanup, it is easy to wash off of my toys, and doesn’t leave any stickiness behind on my hands or genitals. The one issue I have with this lubricant is that it is sometimes not thick enough for me to comfortably use certain toys. If I’m using a larger toy or a toy with a lot of texture it ends up feeling a bit too thin, and doesn’t quite provide enough lubrication. I would definitely recommend Sliquid H2O for vaginal use. For most activities, it’s not too thin and not too thick, and is long-lasting. However, for anal use and using large or textured toys I would suggest getting a thicker lube.
Sliquid H2O Personal Lubricant
A. Madness (Grand Rapids, MI) 7/24/2015 10:33 AM
Product Rating: 3 Stars - I enjoyed it. A good value. | Texture and material construction: Sliquid comes in a plastic bottle with a snap-top. The bottle is clear. The label is a velvety paper printed with the Sliquid logo and the product information. My bottle is the 8 oz. version. The bottle is about the same height as a soda can (including the snap-top) and a little thicker. The lubricant itself is odorless, tastes vaguely of plastic (I assume from the bottle), and is perfectly clear. It has a similar viscosity to syrup, but is not at all sticky. The lube was, for lack of better descriptors, very slippery and a little thinner than I'd expected (although, as it turns out, this is not a bad thing). | Review Details: My body naturally makes a lot of lubricant, so I don't use Sliquid as often as I thought I would. However, if I'm in a hurry and don't want to build up to orgasm or if for whatever reason I'm not producing my usual amount of vaginal slick, I use Sliquid instead. I also always use lube with my Tantus toys. | Sliquid is actually the only lube I've ever used. It had been recommended to me through various sites and people, so when I decided I wanted to buy lube, this is what I got. I was not disappointed. Sliquid is a little thin, which (for me at least) makes lubing up toys a race to get the lube on before it drips off onto the sheets, but in use I'm very satisfied. It mimics natural lubricant to the point that I sometimes can't tell the difference, and because it's free of any sugars, I don't get nervous about making sure I clean up the excess when I'm done. | With my smaller toys, I've also never had to re-apply lube. I do need to either use more than I instinctively want, or re-apply with my Vamp, though (currently the biggest toy I own. | I also appreciate that Sliquid H2O is hypoallergenic and safe to use on pretty much any toy. One of the things that always made me reconsider buying lube before was the idea that there might be an ingredient that doesn't agree with me, or that might cause toy damage, but Sliquid is super gentle, which is a plus in my books. | My recommendation is not unequivocal, however, because I really don't think it's a good fit for people who need lube for anal play. H2O is too thin and is probably going to either need constant reapplication or it'll get absorbed into the body. However, for people with vaginas (or people with penises who aren't interested in anal sex) this would be a solid choice.
Feels so natural!
Birli23 (Dallas, TX) 7/14/2015 6:23 AM
Product Rating: 4 Stars - Extremely effective! | Texture and material construction: Has great slip, but not so much that I forget there's skin-on-skin contact. Not too runny, not too gel like. | Review Details: This lubricant felt so much like my own natural lubrication. After trying to find a water based lube that doesn't leave my partner (M) or myself (F) feeling sticky after sex, I'm positive I've found it! Completely odorless and tasteless. What initially attracted me to Sliquid's lubes was what they do not include; Sliquid promises "always free of DEA, gluten, glycerine, glycerol, parabens, PEG, propylene glycol, sorbitol & sulphates… and they’re 100% Vegan Friendly." One thing I will say is that I've found this lube easiest to reactivate of all the water based products I've tried in the past - just a bit of water or spit and you're back in action! Which is great because my skin absorbed it in about 20 mins and I love a good marathon.
Very Slick
Kay (Seattle, WA) 6/12/2015 12:39 PM
Product Rating: 5 Stars - So good I can't wait to use it again! | Texture and material construction: Texture is very light and slick and there is no odor or taste. I would compare it to a person's natural lubricant in that it's not goopy and feels, well, natural! | Review Details: So I have a picky vagina. Other lubricants that you can get at pharmacies or supermarkets irritate me and usually end up with a yeast infection. Sliquid H2O doesn't have glycerin or parabens and is natural and I love it. It's not runny and it occasionally dries out during sex, but a little spit or water reactivates it. In comparison to Sassy, H2O is lighter in texture, but still good for anal (tried it with anal toys, no dick yet) but I prefer saving Sassy for anal and H2O for PIV sex, but that's just my preference. | OVERALL: Great lubricant, as is all other Sliquid lubes that I have tried so far, and I would recommend this to a friend if they were looking for a good lubricant.
Another Sliquid staple!
Lilith (GA) 2/2/2015 12:05 PM
Product Rating: 4 Stars - Extremely effective! | Texture and material construction: A thin water-based lube that feels exactly like vaginal fluid. | Review Details: Sliquid H2O is a water-based lube of excellent quality. Water-based lube is a necessity for anyone's sex life- it can be used on/with any kind of toy, contraceptive barrier, or sexual activity. Sliquid H2O is glycerine and paraben-free as well as vegan, so it's body-safe and cruelty-free. It's odorless and tasteless, and honestly it feels exactly the same as my own natural lubrication. It does dry out a little more quickly than I prefer when I'm using a vibrator on my clit, since that requires some time and if I have a dildo in as well I can't really access my natural lubrication to assist. For cock stroking it works extremely well, and for the beginning of sex when I need some lubrication on the outside. I've also used it for anal, both with toys and my partner. It works for me, but I have an easy time with anal so most people would probably prefer something thicker. I wouldn't recommend it if you enjoy shower or bath sexy times since it's water-soluble and will wash away. My preference is still for the hybrid lube, but it's extremely close. Get this if: you participate in any kind of sexual activity! It's a must-have excellent lube. I even gave a big bottle of it to my best friend for Christmas!
Excellent Lubricant
AverageJoe33 (Westchester, NY) 1/19/2015 6:51 AM
Product Rating: 5 Stars - So good I can't wait to use it again! | Texture and material construction: It comes in a nice little bottle. The top doesn't leak when it's closed & on its side, which is a very big plus. It's a perfect amount of thickness for anal usage. There's no noticeable smell, and I haven't tasted it, so I can't speak on that. | Review Details: Before this, I used brands of lubricant sold at pharmacies that would always be too runny or wayyy too thick. Not this one! This is literally 100x better than any lubricant I've ever used. I often warm it up before use for comfort purposes (putting the bottle in warm/hot water for a few minutes before usage), so that makes it a little bit less thick, but it's still excellent. I always put a big squeeze of it on the head of my dildos, and it’s thick enough that it primarily just stays there until I spread it down myself. And it stays on & stays slick for an extended period of time. Other customers looking at this product might be considering this product or getting Sliquid's Sassy lubricant. I can say that as an average consumer using for anal usage, I didn't notice any difference between the two. Either way, Sliquid makes excellent lubricants. It doesn't stain my sheets, and it washes out easy. It washes off my body easily as well. Highly recommended!
Went to Poundtown on the Fucktruck, Thanks Sliquid!
angry_D (Summit, NJ) 12/5/2014 10:56 AM
Product Rating: 5 Stars - So good I can't wait to use it again! | Texture and material construction: Purified H2O, Plant Cellulose (from Cotton), Cyamopsis (Guar Conditioners), Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid. | The plant cellulose being from cotton is great for anyone with allergies, no paraben, and vegan friendly. It's smooth, no residue, no scent or taste, and it's a classy looking bottle. What more can I ask for? | Review Details: It's great for people with allergies, diabetics, and vegans. I love it because it only adds to my sexual experiences -solo or with my female-bodied partner. It blends in perfectly with my partner's natural lube. If at any moment, it's feeling a bit dry -I can reactivate it easily with saliva, or another drop or two. | I bought an 8.5 oz bottle ages ago. About a year ago? I'm about only halfway through, surviving two monogamous partners and one polyamorous person, so not bad! It's a testament to how little of it is actually needed. | It doesn't feel heavy, sticky, and it feels natural. | I don't recommend it for hand jobs for a penis. The friction alone makes it dissipate, but there's other alternatives to deal with that. | This could be over sharing: however, Sliquid has promoted theft within my household. My brother and father have both snuck into my room to take some. It's gotten to the point that we save shipping and purchase our lube together.
Great consistency
Genevieve (Herndon, VA) 8/1/2014 12:31 PM
Product Rating: 5 Stars - So good I can't wait to use it again! | Texture and material construction: It's a medium-consistency, viscous clear liquid. It has no noticeable smell. | Review Details: I am so impressed with this lubricant. I've been using Astroglide Natural, and now that I have the Sliquid, I may just dump out the remainder of the Astroglide! I can't imagine wanting to use it when there is such a superior product in my drawer. | I like the small number of basic, clean ingredients. I've become picky about what chemicals I'll put on my body, and many other lubes don't satisfy this requirement of mine. But the thing that really convinced me was its consistency. It drips out of the bottle really slowly, almost clinging to the spout, which was kind of off-putting at first. When I put it on the tip of a dildo, and then a plug, I saw the genius of the design. Its thickness, which seems gross when you're squirting it out, allows it to stay where you put it. With Astroglide, I needed to use a ton, since it ran down a toy as soon as I put it on, whereas just a couple of drops of Sliquid is plenty, since it stays right where I need it. | I have used it anally, on dildos, and also for intercourse. When in use, the texture is perfect; it reduces friction without feeling funky. It's easy to clean up, as well. I can definitely get over the weird look of it, since it works so well!
Sliquid goes on thick and is made to last
Emma (Rochester , NY) 7/17/2014 12:09 PM
Product Rating: 4 Stars - Extremely effective! | Texture and material construction: The ingredients of this lubricant are: Purified Water, Plant Cellulose (from Cotton), Cyamopsis (Guar Conditioners), Potassium Sorbate. | Review Details: Most water-based lubes are runny and watery, but Sliquid products are made thicker and more viscous with natural ingredients, like plant cellulose. It's also vegan friendly and uses no animal by-products. This lube feels great and it feels natural, and it doesn't seep out the sides whenever I thrust aggressively. Since it's water-based, it can be used safely with pure silicone sex toys, and that's what I use it for. I don't necessarily use it with sex, because it does dry out too quickly, especially during longer sessions. All Sliquid lube is free of glycerin and parabens, so you don't have to worry about getting yeast or bacterial infections when you use it vaginally. I also use this with silicone butt plugs, and I find it lasts for about half an hour before it dries out, which is great for a water-based lube. I would recommend this to people looking for a body-safe, somewhat versatile lube made by a reputable company at a fair price. It's definitely in my top three favorite lubes at the moment, and it's the one I default to when using a silicone vibrator, dildo, or butt plug. It really is the most long-lasting water based lube that I've tried so far, and the fact that it's so female anatomy-friendly makes it a huge plus. It is way thicker than the average water-based lube, and that's a huge asset.
Best Lubricant
Apple of My Eye (Fresno, CA) 4/21/2014 1:29 PM
Product Rating: 5 Stars - So good I can't wait to use it again! | Power Rating: Doesn't apply - I'm not reviewing a powered product. | Noise Rating: Doesn't apply - I'm not reviewing a product that makes noise. | Texture and material construction: The product is a translucent and odorless gel. It comes in a sturdy plastic bottle that has a plastic push tab to dispense product. | Review Details: I purchased this lube after reading Epiphora's blog post. It truly is a great product especially if you're looking out for your vaginal health because you're either prone to vaginal infections (yeast or bacterial) or have sensitive skin. So first and foremost, the first thing good thing about this product is its packaging. The simplicity of the packaging is perfect as it reaffirms the "Sliquid promise" by clearly stating that it doesn't contain glycerine, glycerol, paragons, sorbitol etc. all of which are known ingredients that can lead to irritation and a women's nightmare; yeast infections. The very, very short list of ingredients given, which only include a little over a handful, are clearly written on the bottle. The relative size of the 4.2oz bottle makes it perfect to carry in your purse whenever you need a bit of extra lubrication due to vaginal dryness. As some of the other posts mentioned, it does absorb rather quickly in response to increased friction and body heat while in the moment and has to be either reapplied frequently or reactivated with water. On the plus side it doesn't become tacky (albeit it sometimes on rare occasion dries too rapidly leaving this white residue behind). The product is water based, has no scent and no taste which for my partner and I is a plus. On a more scientific side note, the product has a pH level of 4.5 ( I tested it with some Hydrion Paper I had lying around) which is well within the normal vaginal pH of 3.5-4.5 and thus shouldn't disrupt your normal vaginal flora.
Keepin' it slick, but you might need some extra H2O...
KinkKat (PA) 12/26/2013 11:15 AM
Product Rating: 4 Stars - Extremely effective! | Please tell us about the products texture and material construction: Sliquid H2O is a glycerin-free, paraben free, water-based lube. H2O does not have that unpleasant stickiness that some other lubes have, rather, it feels just like your body's own natural lubrication. | Review Details: This lube is truly a TREASURE to those of us with sensitive skin. I'm very easily irritated and prone to yeast infections with glycerin-lubes. The ingredients in this lube are gentle and kind to my sensitive skin, not once have I had a problem with yeast infections while using this lube. Also, since it's water soluble, I don't have to stress about cleaning up afterwards, because it'll just absorb into the skin. H2O doesn't have any unpleasant smells or stickiness which is a big plus. One con would be that it does absorb fairly quickly, especially when using with a toy, which could be pretty irritating in the heat of the moment to have to apply more. This could be easily avoided by keeping a spray bottle full of water handy. A quick spritz and it'll "reactivate". A small price to pay if you have similar "sensitivity" issues.
Slippery and Sensitive
That Virgin Who Can't Drive (Florida) 10/28/2013 1:30 PM
Product Rating: 4 Stars - Extremely effective! | Power Rating: Doesn't apply - I'm not reviewing a powered product. | Texture and material construction: Sliquid H2O is a thin, very slippery water-based lube free of any parabens and glycerin. It does run when applied (not viscous) and indeed feels very natural. It isn't at all greasy (doesn't stain) and is odorless and tasteless. It doesn't become sticky/tacky, but I have noticed it gets sort of white and foamy with prolonged use (usually when thrusting with a toy). It does absorb quickly and so does need to be reapplied during long sessions. | Review Details: I was so happy to find Sliquid. I am prone to yeast infections and have had difficulty with every other lube I've used to date, but with Sliquid... nothing. Nada. No problems at all. It has been such a relief to find a lube where I no longer have to worry about every masturbation session potentially turning into an infection. If you're prone to infections or just have sensitive skin in general, Sliquid is definitely the way to go. Of the lubes I've used, Sliquid H2O definitely feels the most like my own natural lubrication, thin and not at all gummy. However, even though it doesn't become tacky, it does absorb quickly, making it necessary to stop and reapply. This is less of an issue during intercourse than it is during use with toys, which just devour this stuff like nobody's business (especially materials with some drag like VixSkin or Fun Factory Silicone). On the plus side, the absorption means not feeling sticky and gross afterwards, which is most definitely a huge plus. If you're looking for a hypoallergenic water-based lube because you don't produce enough natural lubrication to feel comfortable or because you're looking for something to use for anal, with toys, etc. it may be best to try another of Sliquid's amazing lubes, like the much more viscous Sliquid Sassy. However, Sliquid H2O is still great for vaginal intercourse and most toy play if you do produce natural lubrication, but still need a bit of help. I will say this: after trying Sliquid, I'm never going back.
Slick and sensitive, but not a marathon-runner
Elle Sky (NY, NY) 1/18/2012 11:07 AM
Product Rating: 3 Stars - I enjoyed it. A good value. | Power Rating - Mild to Powerful: Doesn't apply - I'm not reviewing a powered product. | Noise Rating: Doesn't apply - I'm not reviewing a product that makes noise. | Texture and material construction: Sliquid H20 is a nice water-based lube that’s similar to a woman’s own vaginal fluids. I love that it’s made for sensitive skin and is free of paraben and glycerin. Especially for those prone to vaginal infections like yeast, the fact that it is glycerin free is great! It’s thin and runs when you pour it from the bottle (not viscous), and it’s definitely slippery. It’s not sticky or greasy, and it won’t leave behind a film, however I have found that if you rub it in it gets a little white-ish. It doesn’t stain either, which to me is very important! It is pretty much flavorless, although it has a very slight hint of soapiness. | Review Details: Performance-wise it is just lovely and feels just like my own natural lubrication, but unfortunately it doesn’t last very long. Luckily I produce enough of my own lubrication after I get started, but if you’re not so lucky you have to stop and reapply, which is a pain when you’re in the heat of the moment! Because it’s thin and absorbent it is not good in water, by the way! I would recommend this lube for penetrative play, but not for anything in which natural lubrication is not in play (hand jobs, for example). It doesn’t bother me, but it has a slightly soapy taste that may be distracting to some, so keep that in mind if considering a lube for use during oral sex. All in all I personally think it's definitely worth buying because it hits the things that are important to me: it's safe for my sensitive parts, and I like the consistency and (near) tastelessness of the lube. If you feel you may need lube for longer play and/or you don't produce a lot of natural lubrication, I'd try something else.