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We-Vibe Touch Waterproof Silicone Vibrator

We-Vibe Touch Waterproof Silicone Vibrator

The ultra-powerful, silky-soft intimate massager. Soft, shapely and powerful, Touch by We-Vibe delivers a deep, satisfying rumble. Its gentle contours caress all the right places – in all the right ways. Enjoy sensual massage with Touch by We-Vibe.

(22 Ratings, 8 Reviews) Average Rating:
Just not for me
Lilith (Anytown, USA) 10/7/2015 2:14 PM
Product Rating: 3 Stars - I enjoyed it. A good value. | Power Rating: Effective - Just enough to get me there. | Noise Rating: Quiet - Buzzes discreetly. | Texture and material construction: Silky silicone, which sadly only comes in purple. | Review Details: Unfortunately, I just don't think the Touch works for me. It's great in so many ways- the size makes it easy to hold, it's covered in silky matte silicone, and charges well. It has four vibration strengths, the same as its We-Vibe sibling the Tango. But the vibrations that come through clearly with the plastic of the Tango are somewhat muted through the silicone of the Touch. I'd guess it would still be strong enough for most people and it might have worked well for me....if it wasn't for the shape! No matter how I use the Touch- whether I'm using the tip, the inside of the scoop, or the rounded back- I end up feeling frustrated and uncomfortable. When I do manage to reach orgasm it's with a sense of relief. Not because I'm satisfied, but because it means I don't have to use it anymore. If you really enjoy the broad head of a wand, I probably wouldn't recommend this toy. For me the Tango is all-around better: greater strength, a lipstick head with more surface area, PLUS you can use it in tons of different toys with slots for regular bullets! | Only get the Touch over the Tango if: you're worried the Tango would be too strong for you, or the shape of the Touch seems ideal.
This is the one I reach for the most
Holly Govibely (Raleigh, NC) 9/4/2015 9:51 AM
Product Rating: 5 Stars - So good I can't wait to use it again! | Power Rating: Strong - Got me there without a problem. | Noise Rating: Quiet - Buzzes discreetly. | Texture and material construction: This is an extremely smooth medical-grade silicone toy with a matte finish. The silicone is firm but very pleasant to the touch, and easily comparable with Lelo silicone quality. The finish is not sticky and therefore does not attract lint, dust, or pet hair. | The smooth surface of the silicone feels really great against my skin. Without lube it can drag a bit on the skin, but it's not unpleasant. When I'm not in the mood for that resistance, I just apply a little bit of water-based lube before going to town. | Review Details: I have a moderate collection of vibrators — somewhere around 13 total, spanning a size range of small bullets to the Lelo Mona 2. I am someone that has always had a very difficult time orgasming from Hitachi-like wand toys, as I found them to be simultaneously too rough and numbing for my clit's taste. So, I'm not a power queen. But I do like my vibrations to be intense in a way that I can feel deep within, without causing any pain on the surface. The We Vibe Touch is the toy I reach for most often. It's powerful, but in a way that doesn't hurt or numb my vagina. | I own and love both the We Vibe Touch and Tango, but prefer the smooth feel of the silicone of the Touch over the hard plastic Tango exterior. The Touch is a titch less powerful than the Tango, but the vibrations in the two are similar in that they both resonate throughout the surrounding areas they touch, in a very deep and satisfying way. The type of vibration I get from the Touch leads to some insanely satisfying clitoral orgasms that are more intense and last longer than orgasms I get from my hands or most of my other toys. | For speed, the Touch has 4 levels: 1) low, 2) medium, 3) high, and 4) ultra. I rarely ever go up to the 4th level. The Touch, like many vibrators, also has a handful of patterns modes. I am part of the populace that hates pattern modes, but there are a couple in the Touch lineup I actually like and use on occasion. One is the tease, which comes immediately after level 4 when scrolling through the modes. The other is the pulse, which is the 3rd pattern in the lineup. The 2nd pattern in the line-up is some sort of wavy number that I find boring and unremarkable. The last pattern is called the cha-cha, and I actually loathe that one. The first time I felt it, my initial response was to be angry about it. That anger melted away as soon as I circled back around into a continuous vibration mode and came my brains out. | One weakness this vibrator does have is the connector for the charger. It comes detached really easily, so I have to keep an eye on it to make sure none of the pets have knocked it out of place. But that (and that infernal cha-cha pattern) are truly my only complaints. As far as vibrators go, it's pretty hard to beat. | I love this vibrator and wish there were more like it on the market. So far it seems that We Vibe is the only manufacturer that has been able to figure out how to get these deeper vibrations in such tiny, easy packages. If other companies could figure this out, I'd be in orgasm heaven.
Hmm Bang for your Buck?
wn3978 (TX) 12/15/2014 11:17 AM
Product Rating: 3 Stars - I enjoyed it. A good value. | Power Rating: Effective - Just enough to get me there. | Noise Rating: Quiet - Buzzes discreetly. | Texture and material construction: This product is made out of very soft, smooth waterproof silicone that is safe for your body. The design makes it easy to hold and press against your clit to stimulate it. This product is designed for external use only though. | Review Details: This is my first "luxury" toy and I rather enjoy it. I love clit stimulation and after going through different bullets and wands ( I have not used the Hitachi Wand), I have been on the prowl for a product that was high grade, powerful, and quiet. I was not very excited to see the price tag, but I am pretty happy with my We-Vibe Touch. After purchasing this product and comparing it to other high end/ low end toys, I realized that this was probably as good as it gets for a product under $100. I am not a big fan of the different vibration modes, I like to put it on high and keep it there for simplicity's sake, but other people may enjoy that feature. So, here are my pros and cons for this product. Pros: High vibration intensity at the highest - Body safe - Good design, making it easy to stimulate your clit and have you cum relatively quick - Not super loud, as far as powerful vibrators go - Easy to clean - Easy to Turn on – Rechargeable - Light sensor tells you when the battery is low - Very Ergonomic |Cons: Pricy for an imperfect product - Does not last as long as it says - Prone to dust - Single button to turn on/off and switch modes makes it difficult to keep it on the mode you actually want - It is not really quiet - Charger design is flimsy so sometimes it may disconnect with the toy even if it is magnetic. Also, you have to purchase another charger if yours is broken, they will not cover that under the warranty. | Overall, I enjoy this product, I mean I should seeing the price tag. I would recommend it if you are looking for a powerful, small toy for external clit stimulation. It feels luxurious and makes me feel like a goddess using it.
Awesome clit vibe
shadowkate (Chicago, IL) 10/6/2014 1:33 PM
Product Rating: 5 Stars - So good I can't wait to use it again! | Power Rating: Strong - Got me there without a problem. | Noise Rating: Quiet - Buzzes discreetly. | Texture and material construction: I think I have a slightly older version since it is shiny silicone with some 'grab'. It attracts lint like crazy too. | Review Details: For the size and price the power behind this thing is amazing. It has a number of settings and is always very strong. Even when almost out of power it still functions like it does fully charged. | That said, it isn't perfect. I think I have the older model since it is noted that it has a low battery signal. Mine doesn't. It just dies on me mid-session. I also dislike that there is one button. I have accidently hit the button and had to cycle around when I was close and have turned it off accidentally a few times as well. | The shape though is awesome. The pointed tip and then the scooped out part is great for getting me off. The pointed tip provides good pin point stimulation while the scoop also helps to stimulate my labia. | The charger is finicky though other reviews seem to state that they have fixed that problem and the fact that it doesn't indicate when it is fully charged. The light stays on regardless. | But I would highly recommend this to someone looking for a very good clit vibe at a decent price and for someone who is new to vibes in general. It isn't overwhelming but has a lot for anyone to enjoy.
New Touch by We-Vibe
Emma (Rochester, NY) 6/5/2014 2:17 PM
Product Rating: 5 Stars - So good I can't wait to use it again! | Power Rating: Powerful - Wow! Enough power for anyone and then some! | Noise Rating: Noisy - Emits an obvious buzz.| Texture and material construction: The product is made of 100% medical-grade silicone, and the base, where the button is located, is made of body-safe ABS plastic and has two small magnets to attach it to the charger. | Review Details: This vibrator is extraordinarily strong but won't leave you numb or itchy like many other strong vibrators. The reason behind its power is that it rumbles, not buzzes, which makes the vibrations deeper and more satisfying because they radiate throughout the clitoris, vulva, and in my experiences, labia. The silicone is thick, but I like it because it doesn't dampen the vibrations, and is velvety smooth to the touch. The silicone has virtually no drag, and glides across my body effortlessly. The shape is unique, because it has a pointed tip which is ideal for pinpoint stimulation, and it also has a dip in the top that looks like a fingerprint, which I use to cradle my labia and parts of my vulva. | We-Vibe improved the charging base from the previous Touch model, and this one is much easier to connect, stays in place, and overall, isn't as finicky as it used to be. The USB charger is great, because it's just a slim cord that can either be plugged into the computer, or into the wall if you have an AC adapter. Another great new feature is that there is a low-battery warning, and the touch blinks like a homing beacon when it is running low on power. This is helpful, because it lets you plan ahead to either charge it before using it, or choose a different toy to use so that it doesn't surprise you by dying in the middle of a session. | One thing I'm not crazy about is the fact that there's one button to control everything- there's four steady vibration modes (low, medium, high, ultra) and four vibration patterns (tease, wave, pulse, cha-cha). The one button control poses an issue because if you're in the middle of masturbating, your mind may not be entirely focused, so you keep pressing the button to increase the power, and somehow you end up on a vibration pattern instead of ultra-speed and you have to cycle through all of them all over again. it is waterproof, though, so that's a huge plus, and makes cleaning it easier. | As far as the speeds go, I can get off on low if I warm up with something weaker, but if I just use the Touch, I have to go to medium. high and ultra are still powerful and rumbly without being too much, but I haven't had to use them yet. The vibration patterns are okay. I'm not crazy about patterns, but some people like them, and if you do, you will probably like them in this toy. Tease is steady power and then slows down, so it teases you. Wave fluctuates power in an almost sinusoidal fashion, imagine a wave with slight, less severe dips and changes and that's how the pattern acts. Pulse is steady, like a constant heartbeat. Cha-cha is probably my least favorite of the patterns, because it just goes through a cycle of medium to high, which is frustrating and, at times, boring. | Overall, this is my favorite clit vibrator. It is strong, rechargeable, reliable, and body-safe. It comes in one color, which I'm not crazy about, but it doesn't matter much in the long run. It's ergonomic and I have used it at least once per night since I got it. I don't see it being replaced by anything any time soon, and I would recommend it to pretty much anyone with a clitoris.
Good... Powerful for its size.
Mr. Dingus (Kenosha, WI) 5/1/2014 11:49 AM
Product Rating: 4 Stars - Extremely effective! | Power Rating: Strong - Got me there without a problem. | Noise Rating: Quiet - Buzzes discreetly. | Texture and material construction: This is the good version of the We-Vibe Touch... the soft, silky silicone (and the one without the vibration dampening). Seems well-constructed, and I personally don't have any issue with the charging base. | Review Details: Well, not much to say. It's a clit vibe. Tip provides a nice rumbly vibe that the wife likes. Decent power - it's no Magic Wand, but it's also not 120V. Supposedly waterproof, but I'd feel better if it didn't have exposed contacts (like the We-Vibe 4). For the price, I’m not sure I'd risk it in the water. | Wife claims that she hasn't used it solo (she's shy), but I do find it moved in the toy box once in a while, so I think she enjoys it. Small in the hand, and doesn't wear out my hand with the vibrations. Good with foreplay because of this... can use a dildo, vibe, or just my tongue and go to town while using this at the same time.
A great solo or couples toy
He@ArousedDuo (Noblesville, IN) 9/6/2013 12:23 PM
Product Rating: 5 Stars - So good I can't wait to use it again! | Power Rating: Strong - Got me there without a problem. | Noise Rating: Noisy - Emits an obvious buzz. | Texture and material construction: The Touch is a silicone covered, waterproof vibrator. The silicone can be a bit "grabby" but not objectionably so. It is very well made. It is easy to control the vibration intensity and vibration modes. It uses a magnetic charging system which can be a bit finicky. | Review Details: This review is being written by a man and woman couple so some of the comments may say “she”, “he” or “we”. I’ve tried to write things with universal gender identity in mind, and I just cannot do it and still keep things readable. I mean no offense by any of my gender-specific wording. First of all: this is a fantastic vibrator. It is very well made, has strong vibrations, and is small enough to be easily directed to just the right spots. As is the case with most of the upper-end vibrators the We-Vibe Touch has several different vibration intensities (3) and vibration modes (5) as described in the product description above. There are a couple of downsides to the vibrator though because, really, don’t all toys have tradeoffs? For us the silicone poses no problems but this IS a We-Vibe toy and We-Vibe’s silicone is a bit on the grabby/tacky side. We find that using a little more lube than usual eliminates the grabby nature of the toy, but your experience may be different. A second downside to the We-Vibe Touch is We-Vibe’s choice of using a magnetically enhanced charging system. In our experience the magnetic charging systems, like the one on the Touch, are exercises in frustration. While using magnetic attraction allows a waterproof toy, the charging attachment is always popping off unless you are really careful when setting the toy down. Nothing like picking up a toy and finding it uncharged because when you set it down the weight of the thing’s own cord popped the charger off. OK, enough about that; how does the toy perform? It performs wonderfully. When she uses it by herself it is easy to hold or cup in her hand. Because the toy is wide in some places and gently pointed in others it makes it easy to create a number of different sensations and really enjoy everything the toy has to offer. When she is ready for an orgasm, the tip of the toy allows a focused vibration point that is, in her words, “incredibly effective”. When we use the toy together either he “drives” while lying next to her, or we use it while making love. It takes a bit of maneuvering, but he can position himself so that he is inside her but still can use the Touch on her clitoris. The combination of him thrusting and the Touch playing on her clitoris produces, in her words, “incredible eye-rolling orgasms”.. The toy is also small enough and narrow enough that we can place it on her clitoris but in between our bodies so that we can be face to face and still give her plenty of clitoral stimulation. We absolutely love this toy.
Madame M (Beacon, NY) 7/5/2011 3:53 PM
Product Rating: 5 Stars - So good I can't wait to use it again! | Power Rating: Strong - Got me there without a problem. | Noise Rating: Inaudible - Almost silent. | Texture and material construction: Made of medical grade silicone and plastic this little wonder is amazing. The silicone is much like the original We-vibe, it attracts lint and debris like crazy. To the touch, the silicone offers quite a bit of drag so unless you want this tugging on you, lube is required. The silicone has a smooth, shiny, finish. As far as compatible lube goes, stick to water based, or you could make the surface of your toy permanently sticky to the touch as if it had melted. Cleaning can be achieved by washing with soap and water and air drying. It can be sterilized by bleaching in a 10% bleach to water solution. Toy cleaning wipes or spray are also an option. | Review Details: This little powerhouse rocks! I found Touch incredibly impressive. It offers a shape, I think that is so universal in terms of stimulation. It provides pin-point stimulation, Broad coverage stimulation, cupped or domed stimulation. All depending on the area of the toy you choose to use. Touch offers 8 vibration modes: Speeds 1-4 are constant, steady vibration. Speeds 5-8 are patterns. I own dozens of vibrators and I have to say the power of this toy blows me away! Speed four is almost too strong for me. I most certainly can't say that about many toy's - even the Form 2. Don't get me wrong the Form 2 offers plenty of power, but the Touch is stronger. The vibrations that Touch offers are divine! I swear they are the perfect combination of deep thud and buzz. The sound level is so minimal that one can use the Touch next to a sleeping partner, sharing the bed and not be heard. Behind a closed door or use in the shower is of no concern either, it will never be heard. This would be an excellent choice for students of those sharing close quarters. Touch is completely waterproof as well. Great size for travel. It offers a rapid 90 minute re-charge as well. It charges magnetically. I purchased the first We Vibe and it was nowhere strong enough for me to orgasm. So naturally, I was afraid to try The Touch. My fears were laid to rest as soon as I tried this Vibe. The power is the strongest to date, that I've felt in a clit vibe! Stronger than any Lelo, even the Mystic wand. I can’t recommend it enough! I'm In LOVE! The orgasms this provides are deep and long lasting.