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Liberator Flip Ramp - Velvish Black

Liberator Flip-Ramp in Velvish Black can accommodate all sorts of interesting bottoms. As a rocking "boom-box" it turns the simplest insertions into an electrified climax as it accentuates the motion of every thrust. disguised as a stylish ottoman.
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Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear This pleasure item is made in the USA! Pleasure Toys
Liberator Flip Ramp - Velvish Black
Liberator Flip-Ramp can accommodate all sorts of interesting bottoms. As a rocking "boom-box" it turns the simplest insertions into an electrified climax as it accentuates the motion of every thrust.

As form follows function and inspired explorations unfold, the Flip-Ramp becomes an inclined ramp that offers good head without the sore neck. Follow with impromptu doggy and a myriad of other favorite positions, as this foam support encourages amazing sex and play.

Offered in Velvish, the Flip-Ramp is disguised as a contemporary stylish ottoman that will surely become the best seat in the house. Velvish covers zip-off for easy machine washing.
  • Intimate positioning pillow by Liberator
  • Great for more and better sex positions
  • Allows for better access during lovemaking and for doggy-style and oral sex
  • Perfect for those looking to spice up their love life, or with health concerns like bad backs
  • Doubles as a discreet, fashionable side table or ottoman
  • High-density foam for firm, supportive cushioning, lush microfiber cover and moisture-proof inner nylon liner
  • Made in USA
  • Removable, machine-washable cover, available in variety of colors
The Liberator Flip Ramp provides variety as a sexual positioning pillow while open and discretion as an ottoman when closed. Open, it's an inclined ramp for a multitude of sexual positions, including oral. Closed, it functions both as a rocking pedestal for your partner and also as a seat or ottoman. Versatility has never been so tantalizing.
  • Material: Velvish
  • Dimensions: Folded: 19" x 19" x 15" Flat: 37" x 19" x 12"
  • Fabric Details: Plush faux velvet cover (in décor colors) - 100% polyester
  • Cover: Machine-washable microfiber
  • Liner: Polyester
  • Foam: Fully supportive polyurethane
  • Packaging: Discreet packaging - shipped in a plain, unmarked brown box
Liberator Flip Ramp
Liberator Flip Ramp
Liberator Flip Ramp

Liberator Flip Ramp - Velvish Black Reviews

(5 Ratings, 2 Reviews) Average Rating:
So Many Positions, So Little Time
P's Princess (South, SC) 8/12/2014 11:17 AM
Product Rating: 5 Stars - So good I can't wait to use it again! | Power Rating: Doesn't apply - I'm not reviewing a powered product. | Texture and material construction: The cover is 100% Polyester. It can be removed and washed in cold water. Hang to dry or tumble dry on low setting. There is a removable interior waterproof cover. The base is made of polyurethane foam. The foam is firm with a bit of give. The lighter you are the less compression there is. | Review Details: If you can only have one Liberator shape this one should be it. One word of caution is that the Flip Ramp is not as wide as the Ramp or Hipster. It is 19” as opposed to the 24” width of the other two. If your waist is more than 38”, it may not be wide enough. The Flip Ramp combines the Ramp, Cube and Hipster into one. The Flip Ramp can be used in all the multitude of ways each of those individual pieces can be used. It works for missionary, doggy style, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, oral sex, spanking, etc. I did find that I slid down when lying on my back with my head to the smaller end. This was not an issue in other positions. It is wonderful for those with physical limitations to help them achieve more variety and pain free action. My husband has back issues so this helps. In addition to the sexual benefits, it can also be used for other purposes. You can use it as an extra seat, gaming chair, coffee table and to elevate your upper body for those with sleep apnea. The best thing is that it blends into your home without taking up huge amounts of space. There is an optional faux leather cover that can be purchased. I would recommend adding this to keep it clean as the microfiber does tend to attract lint and dust. The cover also makes it look more like a regular piece of furniture. It arrives in a vacuum sealed bag. Once you open it up, the foam “inflates”. You then put on the microfiber cover and are set to go. This is a wonderful product!
Flip Me Over
Britt In Toyland (IL) 7/24/2014 12:09 PM
Product Rating: 5 Stars - So good I can't wait to use it again! | Power Rating: Doesn't apply - I'm not reviewing a powered product. | Texture and material construction: Like all Liberator pillows, the Flip Ramp is made from a high density foam. This foam retains its shape and does not cave in, even under the weight of two (or more) bodies. The removable cover is velvish and easy to wash. It doesn't shrink, so fitting it back over the foam is easy. Under the cover is a moisture resistant barrier that protects the foam from lube, massage oils, or bodily fluids. | Review Details: I'm one of those who firmly believes everyone needs some Liberator in their life. And if I had to choose just one piece, it'd be the Flip Ramp. It's an incredibly versatile piece. It can be folded into a square. In this position, it can be used as a seat that you can straddle your partner on or you can use it as a support in rear-entry positions. Once open, it resembles a rounded version of the original Liberator ramp or a ski-jump. The bottom is rounded upwards, as opposed to the constant down-slop of the original ramp. This allows you to lay on the Flip Ramp with your hips still supported on the ramp while also being tilted upwards. The original ramp doesn't tilt your hips upward when laying on it. You can also use the higher end of the Flip Ramp for rear entry positions without having the pointed edge the original ramp has. The amount of positions you can use the Flip Ramp for is only limited by your imagination. | I suffer from chronic pain issues that can make many sexual positions painful, if not downright impossible. I can only hold my weight on my knees or arms for so long before they give out and I'm left lying on the bed moaning in pain. The Flip Ramp has been the best investment into my sex life I've ever made. My partner and I can get into all of our favorite positions without worrying about my hips, wrists, knees, or back. It takes the pressure off my joints and lets me participate more in the actual act of penetration. Prior to using the Flip Ramp, standard missionary was the only position I could hold for more than 60 seconds. It's comfortable for me to lay on and I've yet to find an uncomfortable position on it. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who experiences joint pain or back pain that interferes with sex. Even if you don't have the misfortune of chronic pain, it can make those tricky angles a lot easier.

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