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Fun Factory LAYAspot Ergonomic Clitoral Vibrator - Vanilla & Baby Rose

Fun Factory LAYAspot Ergonomic Clitoral Vibrator - Vanilla & Baby Rose - with LED buttons, three unique vibration patterns, and seven speeds, LayaSpot is perfectly designed to hug the clitoral area. Discrete, lightweight, and attractive.
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Fun Factory Pleasure Toys
Fun Factory LAYAspot Ergonomic Clitoral Vibrator - Vanilla & Baby Rose
Measurements Material Construction Volume & Intensity Batteries Required
4.25" long, 1.5" wide elastomer & plastic Buzz - 2 | Power - 3 two AA
Quiet and strong with multi-speeds, this innovative vibe is splash-proof and its superior material (elastomer) is odorless and hypoallergenic. Ergonomically designed with LED buttons, three unique vibration patterns, and seven speeds, the LAYAspot Ergonomic Clitoral Vibrator in Vanilla & Baby Rose is perfectly designed to hug the clitoral area. Discrete, lightweight, and attractive.
  • ergonomically shaped control unit
  • improved handling due to angled controls
  • very powerful and quiet motor
  • durable electronic components
  • infinitely adjustable vibration
  • splash-proof
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Fun Factory LAYAspot Ergonomic Clitoral Vibrator - Vanilla & Baby Rose Reviews

(7 Ratings, 2 Reviews) Average Rating:
Hello old friend
LadyPopPop (PA) 3/24/2014 11:39 AM
Product Rating: 4 Stars - Extremely effective! | Power Rating: Effective - Just enough to get me there. | Noise Rating: Quiet - Buzzes discreetly. | Texture and material construction: The silver parts are hard plastic and the red parts are softer material over hard plastic. The transitions between the two materials are smooth, with no gaps for fluids to collect in. The battery cover at the bast twists on and locks into place rather than threading on like a bolt. There is one visible seam that wraps around the toy and four slightly raised dots from the molding process that do not interfere with use. | Review Details: I love this vibrator even though it is lacking in a few ways and is priced on the high end of acceptable for a toy that is not rechargeable. It is not the strongest vibrator I own, but the strength is respectable for its size and the fact that it runs off AAA batteries. The size and shape of the LayaSpot are terrific; it is ergonomic and easy to hold in position and the buttons are easy to access in use. | Let's talk about strength. I am a devoted Hitachi Magic Wand user, so I know and love strong vibration. For a long time, the LayaSpot was the only other vibrator I had in my collection, along with the Magic Wand, and even though the LayaSpot is nowhere near as strong, I still used it regularly and it still got me off. It has 8 vibration strengths, so it allows me to move up in speed at small intervals. I like to start with the low speeds, which are really weak, and then work my way up. I don't really care for programmed vibration patterns and the ones on this toy are no exception. I tend to move it around as I use it and the combination of friction from rubbing it against me and the vibrations has always been enough for a nice orgasm. But it is not ultra-powerful, and for me, it is not one of those toys that I can just touch to my clit and let it do all the work. | I have really loved LayaSpot for travelling. Its small and discreet and runs on a common battery size that is easy to replace. The lack of a charger might be a good thing- I've taken it camping and overseas on almost every trip since I got it and never had to worry about power connections. It actually does work as a massager too; I've used it to work knots out of backs after days of hiking and sleeping on the ground. And it's water-resistant, so it is easy to clean and the ambiguous shape means it is not terribly embarrassing to clean in a hostel or campsite restroom. | When I first got it, I was impressed by how quiet it was. 7 years later, my LayaSpot still works but it has gotten a good bit louder with age. But wow, I've had this thing for 7 years?? That's a pretty amazing lifespan for a little handheld vibe and now I think I'm bumping my rating up from a 3 to a 4. This little thing is quite the workhorse. I do use it less frequently now that I have other smaller, stronger vibrators (like the WeVibe Tango) in my collection, so if my LayaSpot was to die of old age, I don't know that I would replace it. I would love to see FunFactory update this toy with a more powerful motor, maybe it could get a power boost if it ran off the even more common AA battery size. It's a good toy--it won't blow your mind but it has good qualities that I have not yet found united in another vibrator.
The First Vibe I’ve Friend-Zoned
Pixel (College Station, NY) 7/13/2011 4:59 PM
Product Rating: 2 Stars - It's okay. Gets the job done. | Power Rating: Mild - Enjoyable but not orgasm inducive. | Noise Rating: Inaudible - Almost silent. | Texture and material construction: Oh, LAYAspot. I had wanted to fall in love with you so badly. Your curves hug perfectly against my public bone and clit, your controls are easy to work, and the fact that you come in tons of pretty colour combinations? Awesomeness. I thought we were meant to be. But there’s just one thing. A tiny problem, honestly, I almost feel embarrassed bringing it up. You’re not enough of a vibe for me. It’s not you, LAYAspot, it’s totally me. My clit just needs a bit more oomph from my toys, and sadly, you didn’t deliver. We can still be friends, though! Really! The LAYAspot is a vibrator with a great concept from Fun Factory. It’s a small (4″ long, and 3″ wide) and ergonomically shaped external vibe that is curved to rest against your vulva and clit, and can be used during sex as well as for masturbation. It runs off of two AAA batteries, and is made of Elastomed. You can use either silicone or water based lubes with it without harming your toy. The packaging says the Layaspot is ‘splashproof’, but I don’t feel comfortable dropping it into the sink, so for clean up I use either toy cleaning wipes or just a regular soap-y towel, then rinse it off carefully, avoiding the cap area. The buttons do tend to collect lube and come in the indentations, so you will need to use your nails or maybe a toothbrush to clean them out. The controls are fairly simple, two buttons on the top with ‘+’ and ‘-’ signs. As expected, the ‘+’ sign needs to be held down to turn the vibe on, and then both buttons can be used to cycle through the different modes of vibrations and intensities. I found the vibrations to be a lot more ‘buzzy’ than ‘rumbly’, and even on the strongest setting, they weren’t quite what I needed | Review Details: I’ve tried using it during sex, (missionary and doggy style) and while it was great to have vibrations against my clit/something to grind against, again, it just wasn’t enough to get me off by itself. The one time I managed to orgasm while using the LAYAspot, I was rubbing it against my clit with almost enough pressure to hurt, and not in a fun way. Definitely not an experience I care to repeat every time I feel like a quick orgasm. From what I’ve read, there may be some variation in the strength of the LAYAspot’s vibrations from batch to batch, so it could be that I just had one that wasn’t quite as awesome as it could have been. *sighs* LAYAspot, darling. It’s not you, it’s me. And I promise it won’t be awkward when you see me with other toys. Hey, maybe you, me, and my Hiatchi can can all go out and have a drink sometime?

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