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Fun Factory

Fun Factory

Fun Factory Bendybeads

Three colors. An exciting pearl chain for distinctive pleasure that is more sturdy than Flexi Felix, but still bendable. A playful design, made to bring out the most in either vaginal or anal play.
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Fun Factory Bendybeads Anal Toy
An exciting pearl chain for distinctive pleasure that is more sturdy than Flexi Felix, but still bendable. A playful design, made to bring out the most in either vaginal or anal play. The size of the beads increase to give the right of stimulation for your mood. The flexible material and design allow it to bend in all sorts of ways. Top quality silicone and design make this a strong and durable toy that will last for years.

      ● body safe with a succulent feel
      ● will not break down or degrade
      ● warms and retains body heat
      ● cleans up with soap and water or sterilize by boiling for 3 minutes
      ● non-porous and easy to clean
      ● solid inner core for functional use
      ● curl at the top allows for easy withdrawal
Measurements Materials Volume & Intensity Batteries
7.5" long, 1.25" wide silicone N /A N/A

Anal Safe

Harness Ready


Phthalates Free


Water Resistant

Water Proof

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Fun Factory Bendybeads Reviews

(7 Ratings, 1 Review) Average Rating:
Fun Factory Bendy Beads
prettyboykiller (Anytown, USA) 5/9/2016 3:18 PM
I ordered the Fun Factory Bendy Beads in red as my first anal toy. The toy consists of five connecting beads in different sizes in order of smallest to largest. A ribbon design runs from the tip of the smallest bead, wrapping around the rest of the beads and ending in a curled handle. It is a surprisingly elegant design element for a toy meant to enter more risqué and conventionally distasteful places. The silicone texture is soft to the touch and firm enough for insertion with ease yet flexible enough to be comfortable once inside. With lube, this toy enters you easily and comes out with the most delicious pops at each bead. | I imagined anal beads to be glorified marbles attached by string but the Bendy Beads defeats that presumption. The toy is as aesthetic as it is functional. Aside from the ribbon and curled handle, the beads are also slightly more egg-shaped, allowing for easier insertion and removal and thus greater stimulation. | My preference for use of this toy is to lube the first three beads before insertion and use only those beads for the most comfort. It is possible for me to insert all five beads if I am feeling particularly in need of more stimulation but I always wind up with more obscene matter on the toy than I care to see outside of a toilet. I enjoy inserting the beads anally while using the Njoy Pure Wand vaginally for maximum pleasure. | Something I did not care for about the Bendy Beads was that it retained anal odor. Washing with mild soap is not enough. Also, the handle means that you cannot sit or walk with the beads inside. This toy is not for inconspicuous use under our clothes.

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