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Eroscillator Top Deluxe Soft Finger Combo - Extra Power

Eroscillator Top Deluxe Soft Finger Combo - Extra attachments and extra power. The strongest, most-pleasurable, longest-lasting orgasms are what The Eroscillator aims for. More powerful stimulation than your Rabbit, more gentle stimulation than your Wand.
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Add a 230V Power Converter for use in Europe? *See Important Note below.

Eroscillator Pleasure Toys
Eroscillator Top Deluxe Soft Finger Combo - Extra Power!
Measurements Material Construction Volume & Intensity Batteries Required
11" long, 1" wide ABS & TPE Buzz -1 | Power - 4 corded
The strongest, most-pleasurable, longest-lasting orgasms are what The Eroscillator Top Deluxe Soft Finger Combo aims for, because ARC believes nothing is more fun than the earth-shattering explosions the Eroscillator produces. ARC strives to Constantly improve the Eroscillator and over the last 10 years has continually enhanced attachments and increased gentle power to achieve the ultimate orgasmic stimulator.

Are you looking for a more powerful stimulation than your Rabbit, a more gentle stimulation than your Wand, or simply for the best orgasmic stimulator on the market? Treat yourself to an Eroscillator Top Deluxe Soft Finger Combo - Featuring EXTRA POWER! The fun starts today! Includes the following attachments:
  • Ball and Cup
  • Grapes and Cockscomb
  • Golden Spoon
  • Ultra Soft Finger Tip
  • French Legionnaire's Moustache
  • Seven Pearls of the Orient
The body of the Eroscillator is made of  ABS plastic. The attachments are made of medical grade TPE-s. The Ultra-Soft Finger Tip marshmallow is made of medical grade silicone.

"It is just about impossible not to have an orgasm with this toy. It was so good that our tester kept it for several months, and that never happens. Researchers at the City University of New York tested this against two other well-known brands and the Eroscillator won hands down." - Dr. Sue Johanson - Talk Sex with Sue
Eroscillator Top Deluxe Soft Finger Combo Accessories
Smart Oscillating Engine - Potent Stimulation Without Numbing
A technological breakthrough in orgasmic response, the Eroscillators attachments are directly connected to its unique axially oscillating engine, not to the devices body like ordinary vibrators, allowing for a smart and constantly adapted dynamic response. Many women have experienced their first orgasm with the unswerving and gentle support of the Eroscillator.

Multiple Attachments - A Variety Of Blissful Experiences
Snap on various attachments in your journey towards ecstasy and discover new landscapes of bliss.

Ergonomically Designed - The Freedom To Concentrate On Your Orgasm
The Eroscillator is whisper quiet and its easily accessible power switch and snap on attachments never come between you and your orgasms. Apply the oscillating head to your clitoris and achieve great orgasms with little or no effort
Large Range Of Power Settings - The Optimal Pleasure Intensity
With multiple power settings, the optimal stimulation intensity is but a flick of your finger away.

Swiss Engineering - Dependable Quality
Careful thinking, incredible attention to detail and top quality components confer a uniquely distinctive sturdiness and thorough water washability to the Eroscillator.

Reliable Power - Limitless Satisfaction
Enjoy limitless pleasure as the Eroscillator never needs recharging and never weakens while in use thanks to its battery-less design. Unlike battery operated vibrators, the Eroscillator won't wear down when it's most inconvenient.

Eroscillator vs Ordinary vibrators - The Eroscillators superior design and construction beats ordinary vibrators on 12 key points.

Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer was so impressed with the Eroscillator that she made it the only sensual device she has ever endorsed. We do not offer a satisfaction guarantee, please be sure this item is right for you.

*Important Note: Your Eroscillator already comes equipped with a step down converter for the USA. You will only need to buy an extra converter if you plan to use your Eroscillator in Europe. Do not attempt to use any power adapter with your Eroscillator that is not manufactured by Eroscillator as this will result in irreparable damage to the unit and void all warranties.

Eroscillator products are not engineered for use outside of Europe or North America. Eroscillator products are not compatible with aftermarket power converters. Use of an Eroscillator product outside of North America or Europe, or using the Eroscillator with an aftermarket power converter, will void all warranties and guarantees implied by SheVibe or the manufacturer.
If this icon is pink, this manufacturer offers an Extended Warranty. If this icon is pink, this product is Anal Safe or specifically made for Anal Play. If this icon is pink, this product is Harness Ready or specifically made for Harness Play. If this icon is pink, this product features Multiple Speeds or Patterns. If this icon is pink, this product is Phthalates Free. If this icon is pink, this product is primarily or completely made of Silicone. If this icon is pink, this product is Water Resistant but not necessarily Water Proof. If this icon is pink, this product is Water Proof.

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Eroscillator Top Deluxe Soft Finger Combo - Extra Power Reviews

(18 Ratings, 3 Reviews) Average Rating:
Denise (Stockton, CA) 1/26/2016 12:19 PM
Product Rating: 5 Stars - So good I can't wait to use it again! | Power Rating: Strong - Got me there without a problem. | Noise Rating: Quiet - Buzzes discreetly. | Texture and material construction: Solid hard plastic for the base, slightly softer flexible plastic for the attachments, and the Soft Finger is a nice squishy "elastomer" substance. Moustache attachment has very soft, fine bristles, like a smooth, small makeup brush. Overall feels and looks very durable, utilitarian, and everything is a metallic bronze color, but plastic. A long switch down the entire side of the base clicks solidly into position for 3 different power levels, and both the switch and base are easy to grip in use. 12 foot cord is the same color as the unit and plugs securely into the base, base can stand upright on a flat surface while plugged in. | Review Details: Yes, it's the famous and weird-looking Eroscillator! The power is strong but not as much as something like the We-Vibe Tango or Magic Wand original, but I find even I don't need quite as much power as usual because of the unique quality of the "oscillations", and I am a power queen generally. Traditional "vibrations" are rapid up-and-down motions, like a "pounding" or "thumping". Oscillation is a very fast side-to-side movement, more a "fluttering" or "shivering" motion, which I have always sought and loved when I could get it for as long as I have been masturbating. I always had trouble maintaining my focus long enough and my wrists and fingers would get sore/tired and I couldn't go fast enough- but the Eroscillator can. A lot faster. And it never gets tired, or heats up excessively. And because it is corded, I never have to worry about batteries or recharging either. Eros can get me there much faster and with more satisfaction than anything else, and I never get sore or numb from it as can sometimes happen with the Almighty Tango. It's hard to describe the feel of "oscillations" as opposed to "vibrations"- they feel to me both gentler and yet somehow deeper and more powerful all at once than anything else I have ever tried, and are totally unique and wonderful. Light pressure with the Eroscillator is most effective, pressing harder will dampen the side-to-side motion but even that is enjoyable to me as a gentler, but somehow "deeper" sensation. Eros is still the only vibrator on the market that "oscillates", you will not get this sensation from anything else. It is SO worth it to get the Soft Finger attachment (AKA the "marshmallow" on the net), even though it doesn't come with the basic package, this and the Grapes/Cockscomb attachment are my favorites. The Cockscomb is a long, narrow ridge that is great for pinpoint stimulation, the Grapes side is good for that too but a little more diffuse. I also like the Seven Pearls when I want very pinpoint stimulation on only a tiny spot. The narrow Cockscomb slips neatly between my thick labia and finds my buried clitoris easily, usually I have to hold my labia open to touch a vibe to my clitoris since I am a big girl and I have big labia. I still have to do that a little with the Eroscillator, but it's much easier. The only attachment missing in the Soft Finger package is the "G-Point", which is designed to be used vaginally, I don't have that yet but maybe soon. There are 2 different Eroscillators, the original (now called the 2-Plus) is a little cheaper but the Top Deluxe (this one) is the one I have and I have heard that it has approximately 30% more maximum power than the 2-Plus. Both Eroscillators have 3 power levels and a large switch on the easy-grip base to quickly change levels. The cord is a generous 12 feet long, so it should reach just about anywhere you need it to and you can move around with Eros without yanking the cord out of the wall by accident. Eros is big, and unwieldy, and a bit noisy depending on the attachment, but it can be used during partner sex if held correctly since the attachments are small even though the base is bulky. As for sound, it isn't silent as advertised but with the door closed you will be fine, and again the Magic Wand is a lot louder. And yes, Eros is kinda ugly when you first see it, it came out around 1996 and hasn't changed since, other than a few more attachments and the power upgrade to the Top Deluxe. But who cares how it looks when you're quivering in ecstasy? Be very careful when cleaning, you can submerge and scrub the attachments in warm soapy water but the base isn't waterproof (hello it's electric!), so I would only use toy cleaning wipes on the base and no water AT ALL, I wouldn't take any chances with a toy this expensive. Also I'm pretty sure the attachments will melt/deform if you tried to boil them, so no sharing without a condom. One of the attachments is supposed to be designed for anal (the Seven Pearls) but I would worry it might snap off if not firmly attached to the base, and if that happens you will lose it up there. I am not into anal so I didn't try it. If you take proper care of your Eroscillator it should last many years. It's a good idea to get your own bag for it so you can store the attachments and cord all together with the machine. The Eros comes with a stupid, ridiculous, absolutely useless plastic pouch that barely fits all the pieces and has only a dumb flap that doesn't stay put for closure, which for this price is absolutely abysmal. Also terrible is that you can buy the official "designer" bag for the Eroscillator (the "Golden Pouch") for an extra $150 (wtf?!!) which is bright metallic gold and covered with hearts and cupids, (soo not my style, ugh) not subtle if you are traveling with it and certainly not cheap, especially if you are already spending $200+ on the Eroscillator itself. ** But a good sized makeup bag or simple travel pouch designed for toiletries will work well, just make sure it's at least 10 inches long and with soft sides for a little stretch, so the base will fit. As long as the base fits it should be big enough to hold everything, even the cord. I bought a plain black zippered makeup bag at a local drug store for 17.99 I think, it holds everything and there's some extra room for a few more toys which will be handy when traveling! I am a power queen and I have no problem getting off with the Eroscillator Top Deluxe even though it is not quite as powerful as most toys I prefer, and it was worth every penny! Its goofy looks have grown on me too.. it has a "steampunk" look that is pretty cool. If you have the money, and you don't require a jackhammer to your clitoris to have an orgasm, you will love this ugly duckling. The Eroscillator, like the (Hitachi) Magic Wand, is a legend for a reason. Because it WORKS. Period. **EDITOR’S NOTE: The reviewer is referring to a special gold-plated version in which the Eroscillator is gold-plated and comes with the designer case. The gold-plated version is not being reviewed here.
pretty indispensable
kristinalee (Raleigh, North Carolina) 1/13/2016 2:32 PM
I bought this a few months ago when wand-style vibrators I'd used for a long time began to make my vulva feel numb. I remembered really enjoying a knock-off of this toy made by Sinclair Institute a few years back. That had been great while it worked, but I went through two products that each only worked twice. After that, I just cut my losses and stopped asking for replacements. This one doesn't break. It's quite sturdy, so that's nice. It helps me reach orgasm more quickly than I have in years, and it really intensifies things when I use it with a dildo or g-spot vibrator. My favorite attachments thus far are the ones pictured at 1:00, 9:00 and 11:00 on the main photo. The one at 9:00 is my favorite of all, and I could probably do without the one at 3:00-4:00 with little brush-like threads on the sides. The brush threads are just kind of tickly, but don't provide me with enough sensation beyond that. If you've been having difficulty achieving orgasm, I'd say definitely go for the Deluxe. I went back and forth quite a bit before I made my decision, and I'd glad I went with this one. It has plenty of power, but anything less (for me) would be just barely enough and might be dissatisfying. The orgasms I get from this actually aren't better than what I got from the Sinclair, but I can depend on it to continue functioning day after day. By the time this toy arrived, I had actually forgotten that the attachments are made of soft ABS plastic. They work fine, but feel a little cheap given the price of this vibrator. I'm very glad I bought this because there's nothing else out there that works this way (and that actually works dependably). I'm not sure why that is, but it does give me orgasms at times when nothing else can and has been worth the price to me.
Dr. Ruth was right!
durteegurrl (Val-des-Lacs, QC Canada) 5/3/2011 5:03 PM
Product Rating: 5 Stars - So good I can't wait to use it again! | Power Rating: Strong - Got me there without a problem. | Noise Rating: Inaudible - Almost silent. | Texture and material construction: The product looks great, like shiny metal but it is a high quality plastic. The attachments are a softer plastic with some harder parts for varying sensations. The soft finger is a great feature, much softer as might be expected. I liked the harder bubbly tip for most intense sensations. | Review Details: This is the most quiet vibrator I have ever experienced. I am an avid Hitachi user, and as one, I would recommend that anyone who likes intense stimulation to spring for the Deluxe Eroscillator with the most powerful motor as it wasn't *quite* as powerful as I was expecting, based on the other reviews. It still is great, in a different sort of way. I am a multiple orgasmic woman but it made me climax 10 times in 20 minutes the first time I really sat down with it. I had a lot of fun cumming with each of the attachments, as I ordered them all. The power cord is extremely long, which is handy. The design is attractive, and it doesn't numb the areas it is stimulating, like the Hitachi can. Definitely a top shelf vibe! I did expect that buying the powerful motor model would give me a little more kick than this did, but I *do* like more intense sensations than most, so perhaps that is just me. It did the job and then some.

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