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AKO Outie Vibe by PicoBong

AKO Outie Vibe by PicoBong - packs a powerful buzz within a vibe that fits perfectly into the palm of your hand. Offering an entirely new dimension to foreplay and beyond, Ako adapts to the surfaces of your skin as you let your imagination run amok.
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AKO Outie Vibe by PicoBong
Ako packs a powerful buzz within a vibe that fits perfectly into the palm of your hand. Offering an entirely new dimension to foreplay and beyond, Ako adapts to the surfaces of your skin as you let your imagination run amok. Versatile to endless capacity and with a fully waterproof design, the only thing not included in the box is your own curiosity. Size: 117 x 37 x 34 mm / 4.61 x 1.46 x 1.34 inches.
All Over Body Versatility - There really is no one right answer to Ako's functionality. A powerful motors and convenient design inspire imaginative exploration.

Accessibility Perfect for Solo or Couples Play - Whether it's alone or with a partner, Ako adds an extra dimension to foreplay and beyond.

Arched Form for Convenient Handling - Ako's curved, compact design nestles perfectly into the palm of your hand, making maneuvring a breeze.

Fully Waterproof to a Depth of 1 Meter - Not only are PicoBong toys easy to clean, but they are also ideal accessories for the bath, shower, swimming pool - even a babbling brook, if that's your thing. PicoBong toys offer versatility that is perfect for use whenever, wherever and with whomever's got your fancies tickled.

12 Vibe Patterns and Multiple Speeds - An amazing 12 different vibration patterns can be enjoyed over multiple speeds, providing a spice-based cliché concerning variety and life!

Made with Body-Safe, FDA Approved Silicone - PicoBong toys are made with the highest levels of quality and safety in mind, which is why we only use body-safe, FDA approved silicone and ABS plastic.

Powerful and Near-Silent Motor - Housed inside every PicoBong is a daring little motor which certainly packs a wallop! Not only is the motor strong enough to knock your socks off, but it does so in the quietest way and is whisper-quiet. Perfect for those with nosy roommates.

Comprehensive 1 Year Warranty - Every so often, a lunar eclipse occurs. Just as often, a PicoBong toy can sometimes go wrong. In case something has slipped by, PicoBong offers a comprehensive 1-year warranty on all toys.
  • User Time: Up to 2 Hours
  • 3 button interface with fully lockable function
  • Body safe Silicone/ABS
  • Powerful yet whisper quiet
  • Measurements Materials Volume & Intensity Batteries
    5" long, 1.35" wide silicone & ABS Vol: 1 - Int: 3 two AAA

    Anal Safe

    Harness Ready


    Phthalates Free


    Water Resistant

    Water Proof

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    Care & Cleaning

    About Anal Toys

    AKO Outie Vibe by PicoBong Reviews

    (4 Ratings, 2 Reviews) Average Rating:
    Not right for me
    nebulia (Colorado Springs, CO) 8/1/2014 1:56 PM
    Product Rating: 1 Star - It's crap. I don't recommend it. | Power Rating: Strong - Got me there without a problem. | Noise Rating: Quiet - Buzzes discreetly. | Texture and material construction: The Ako is made almost identical to other PicoBong products–the same rigid, buttery smooth silicone, the same too-easily-removable cap, the same buttons on the side of the vibrator. I even got it in the same color. I have the same worries about the cap popping off, and its lack of o-ring and claim to watertightness, even after I used it successfully in the shower (by success I mean without it dying or electrocuting me, not an orgasm). Like with the Zizo, I was pleasantly surprised by the vibrations, the same 6/10 vrooms (10 being the fourth setting on the Tango) and moderate rumbliness. | Review Details: The issue, I think, is the shape. Initially, looking at this vibrator, I thought I would love the shape. The vibe itself is quite ergonomic and easy to hold. However, the bottom of the vibe has a flat portion that slowly tapers until it meets a sort of peak that has been created by the vibe curving around the top. This peak is, presumably, where your clit goes, and the flat portion is there to accommodate for your pubic mound. If that makes sense. | Unfortunately, that…just does not work for me. Pinpoint stimulation is often too intense for my clit and I have to back off. That’s not really the problem here. The problem is that when I spread my labia and nudge this vibe into place, my clit is nowhere to be found. Like, it just vanishes. I can’t fucking find my clit. No matter how I position it, no matter how aroused I am–I could have been tugging at my clit with my fingers (not a normal masturbatory technique of mine) and then immediately try and put this vibrator to work and poof. No clit. It’s very strange and unpleasant. | Now, I know clits just don’t disappear, so I’m chalking this up as an utter failure to comply to my anatomy. And given that I personally only have one anatomy, but there are hundreds of clitoral vibrators on the market, I’m moving the fuck on. | But there’s more bad news to tell you. In addition to being totally incompatible with my body, this vibe has a bigger problem–and that is the button issue. Like with the Zizo, the buttons are on the side of the body. That’s not such a big deal with the Zizo–you’ve got well over four inches of insertable length before you get to the buttons, and if you’re using it clitorally, the buttons are even located in a really nice spot. My thumb rests, more or less unconsciously, very near, if not on, the – button. Which means that I regularly, due to being the sort of person who uses a lot of pressure, end up accidentally turning the vibrator down or off in use. Combine that with the Ako’s actions when the battery dies (to quote my Zizo review: “When the batteries die, the toy just sort of sadly revs up when you turn it on and then dies to its lowest, barely-vibrating-at-all setting. And then revs up, and then dies. And then revs up–you get the picture.”) and its two-hour-at-the-most battery life (read: not very damn long), and I often would get very confused while using this toy. “Is the battery dead already? I just replaced the batteries!” I would think, only to realize I had…inadvertently turned the toy completely off. This happened frequently. | Additionally, because clitoral vibrators frequently go down my pants when I’m really lazy or in a hurry, I do find myself occasionally twisting the cap off without meaning to. I really don’t like that at all. | The quality of this vibrator is pretty good! And I commend Lelo for trying to find a balance between a toy that’s high quality and a toy that’s inexpensive with PicoBong (PicoBong being their child company). However, the Ako is not the toy for me, at all. And unless you know this is a shape that works for you, I really can’t recommend it.
    Quality for More Sensitive Users
    P's Princess (South, SC) 7/21/2014 11:02 AM
    Product Rating: 4 Stars - Extremely effective! | Power Rating: Effective - Just enough to get me there. | Noise Rating: Quiet - Buzzes discreetly. | Texture and material construction: One end is covered in a silky smooth silicone and the other end is made of hard plastic. | Review Details: The silicone is very luxurious. There is little drag and it does not attract lint as some silicone does. It is very discreet and can be slipped into your pocket or purse for those who need to have a bit of action on the road. The vibrations are medium and lean toward the rumbly side. If you are a power queen/king this is not the toy for you. Those with more sensitive lady bits will enjoy the 12 patterns and the way it glides across your skin. One drawback is that the bottom portion is ribbed. The ribs do help you to be able to grip the toy better. However, if you get lubes or fluids on the toy, then you must be careful to clean in the grooves and where the silicone meets the plastic. As the toy is not waterproof you must be careful in cleaning it so no water gets into the battery compartment. The controls are on the side of the silicone portion of the toy. This can be a bit difficult to change speeds when in use. This is a great toy if you are looking for discreet quality toy without teeth rattling vibrations.

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